Office of Academic Affairs

The Office of Academic Affairs is the source for all issues involving faculty life at the University. This office manages the faculty hiring process, the tenure review process, and faculty promotion and retention issues. Faculty salary information is continually maintained and monitored by the office to ensure equity in faculty hiring and ongoing salary issues relative to our comparison market. Faculty are encouraged to use the office to assist in the preparation of their tenure and promotion materials.

The data used for comparative faculty salaries is based on CUPA data for a select group of colleges identified as comparable by the USHE Commissioner's Office.  For more information call Academic Affairs at (801) 863-8700.

Faculty Workload

Faculty workload data includes class section teaching assignments and non-instructional assignments such as approved academic activity and governance assignments. The latest list of approved non-instructional activities may be found here: UVU Workload Equivalents (pdf: 4/27/21). This document describes and defines non-instructional activities in Academic Credit Hour Equivalents (ACHE) and Governance Credit Hour Equivalents (GCHE). Departments should refer to these definitions as they plan faculty workload for each semester. Faculty workload reporting is available in myUVU. For more information on accessing these systems, please contact Business Intelligence Services at (801) 863-8405.

Salary Data

Faculty Workload Formulas

General Tips & Considerations for Tenure

There are few, if any, career milestones as important and career-altering as that of tenure in academia. Here at UVU, we want to make sure that every deserving faculty member receives tenure and is able to enjoy the benefits of that milestone. It is with that goal in mind that we, a committee made up of members from Faculty Senate and the Office of Academic Administration, have prepared these guidelines for you to consider as you progress along the tenure process. While useful and important, following these guidelines will not guarantee tenure. However, following them may reduce the likelihood of a deserving faculty member being denied tenure.