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    Registration for Summer 2024 Certificates and Workshops to Start on April 15

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    What’s New this Summer for UVU Canvas on May 6, 2024

    Are you ready to try out New Quizzes? OTL Support is ready to help you

    Panorama is a new accessibility tool for UVU that makes it easy for you to create and offer online content that everyone can access. 

    Canvas Discussion Redesign will bring a new toolbar, and several new features for faculty and students. 


    What’s Leaving UVU Canvas . . .

    Respondus Lockdown Browser will no longer be an option for Canvas quizzes at the conclusion of Spring 2024. Learn more about Proctorio as the UVU remote exam proctoring option.

    The current accessibility tool, Ally, will remain active until June 28, 2024, to help transition to Panorama. Some courses might require a migration process to retain the alternative descriptions for images. 

    Questions? Contact the Office of Teaching & Learning: [email protected], 801-863-8255.

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    Technology Tip

    Is your Gradebook cluttered with unpublished assignment columns? You can Hide them by unchecking the box in Gradebook Settings. Learn more about Gradebook View Options in this Canvas Guide.

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    AI Technology Tip

    One thing AI can be used for is providing feedback on writings, especially on technical aspects, style, tone, clarity, citations, etc. Here is a prompt you or your students can use to ask AI for feedback on a piece of writing.

    “You are a [insert name of discipline] professor. Give me feedback on this [type of writing (exp. term paper, paragraph...)] focusing on the following criteria [list criteria from rubric]. Generate a list of four things that should be improved, explain how they can be improved, and review any punctuation and or spelling mistakes. Here is the piece: [insert writing piece]”

    Try Prompts with Copilot

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    Respondus Lockdown Browser

    UVU will be removing the Respondus Lockdown Browser option for Canvas quizzes at the conclusion of Spring 2024. Faculty who wish to enforce proctoring settings in a quiz or exam environment can use Proctorio to do so. The Office of Teaching and Learning provides support guides and can help answer any questions or concerns at [email protected] or (801)863-8255.

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Advance HE / HEA

Accredited international recognition for teaching and supporting learning.

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College Flexible Learning Councils

College Flexible Learning Council membership and resources.

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Teaching Excellence Program

We have designed the Teaching Excellence Program and aligned it to the seven principles as a framework, called Faculty Learning Outcomes (FLOs).

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We support instructors in their teaching via the following services:
  • Teaching certifications. Offering robust professional development pathways and recognition through the Teaching Excellence Program (TEP). Through the TEP, instructors enhance teaching practices through peer-led teaching certification programs with a special focus on high impact teaching practices such as supporting first year students, undergraduate research, collaborative learning, inclusive teaching, service learning, and writing pedagogy. 

  • Teaching fellowships. As the only American institution accredited by Advance HE, OTL awards prestigious HEA fellowships in recognition of teaching/supporting learning excellence. The HEA fellowship program provides instructors with service opportunities through mentoring and assessing peer applications.

  • Instructional design. We partner with instructors to design effective courses using evidence-based practices, accessible content, and engaging technologies. 

  • Technology support. We support instructors in their implementation of learning technologies through 1:1 consultations, communities of practice, and peer-led training opportunities. We offer extensive Canvas and Microsoft Teams support, which form UVU’s “virtual campus”. 

  • SOTL. We facilitate the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning program to advance teaching practices. Conduct research in your classroom and share your findings through public events.


Contact Info

Main Office | FL 501
M-F 8am-6pm

801.863.8255 | [email protected]