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Advance HE / HEA

Accredited international recognition for teaching and supporting learning.

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Flexible Learning Council

University/College Flexible Learning Council membership and resources.

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Faculty Resources

Resources for assessment, diversity and inclusion, evidence-based teaching, SoTL, large classes, and more.

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Ready, Set, Learn Online!

This new tutorial (concluding with a certificate of completion) prepares students for learning online by addressing questions such as: How can you be successful in your online classes? How much time should you set aside each week for your online classes? How can you get tech support?

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 We support instructors in their teaching via the following services:
  • Teaching certifications. Offering robust professional development pathways and recognition through the Teaching Excellence Program (TEP). Through the TEP, instructors enhance teaching practices through peer-led teaching certification programs with a special focus on high impact teaching practices such as supporting first year students, undergraduate research, collaborative learning, inclusive teaching, service learning, and writing pedagogy. 

  • Teaching fellowships. As the only American institution accredited by Advance HE, OTL awards prestigious HEA fellowships in recognition of teaching/supporting learning excellence. The HEA fellowship program provides instructors with service opportunities through mentoring and assessing peer applications.

  • Instructional design. We partner with instructors to design effective courses using evidence-based practices, accessible content, and engaging technologies. 

  • Technology support. We support instructors in their implementation of learning technologies through 1:1 consultations, communities of practice, and peer-led training opportunities. We offer extensive Canvas and Microsoft Teams support, which form UVU’s “virtual campus”. 

  • SOTL. We facilitate the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning program to advance teaching practices. Conduct research in your classroom and share your findings through public events.


Contact Info

Main Office | FL 501
In-Office | M-F 8am-8pm
Summer In-Office | M-F 8am-7pm
Remote Support | Sat 10am-4pm 
801.863.8255 | otl@uvu.edu

OTL Lab | FL 515
M-F 8am-5pm