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    Welcome back, faculty! We trust your summer was restful and restorative. As we look forward to a more "normal" AY 2021, we have added key resources for you under the Semester Prep & Videos button on the top ribbon. We are excited to offer an array of new professional development opportunities. Click the Register button below to calendar these worthwhile events!
  • Star with Flexible Teaching Awards

    Sep 16

    Flex Showcase and Networking Event

    Network with other instructors in sharing successes and challenges in online, live stream, and blended course delivery. Gather insights from the panel of Flex Teaching Award Winners. Learn about important updates in MS Teams and Canvas.


    30 min Flex Teaching Award winner panel
    20 min Updates in Teams/Canvas 
    20 min Share success with your table
    20 min Share problem with your table
    30 min Networking and table topics

  • Woman in professional clothes smiling

    Oct 15

    High Impact Teaching Practices (HIPs) Summit

    Keynote Speaker

    Dr. Jillian Kinzie
    Center for Postsecondary Research
    Indiana University

    Dr. Jillian Kinzie is associate director of the Center for Postsecondary Research and the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) Institute at the Indiana University School of Education. She conducts research and leads project activities on effective use of student engagement data to improve educational quality, and directs a range of learning outcomes projects in her role as senior scholar with the National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment (NILOA) project. 

    Learn about high impact practices (HIPs) and how they positively affect teaching and student success. Leverage HIPs research to improve student completion. Explore simple ways to integrate HIP into your classroom.

    Meetings with HIPs cohorts

  • T3 over squares

    Nov 1-13

    T3 | Teaching Technology Tuneup

    This virual event (via MS Teams) will provide a variety of sessions for faculty who are using technoogies to explore, share best practices, and exchange ideas to help finish the semester strong.

  • GIUD letters

    Inclusive Teaching Events

    Sep 14 & 21 | Antiracist Pedagogy

    Address the reality of racism in the classroom, the need to address racism by faculty, and concrete steps that faculty can take against racism in the classroom.

    Oct 21 | Gender & Sexuality in the Classroom

    Examine inclusive language practices, consider the socio-cultural history of gender and sexuality identity experiences, how to have meaningful conversations about gender and sexuality in the classroom, and consider effective instructional engagement practices.

    Oct 9 | Religious and Worldview Diversity

    Explore the role of religious, spiritual, and worldview diversity in the liberal arts curriculum. Discuss the challenges and promise of engaging religion in the classroom and how ideological diversity can strengthen our students’ commitment to inclusion and productive dialogue.
  • Woman in professional clothes smiling

    Mar 25

    Inclusive Teaching: Develop your cultural competency through effective facilitation of difficult classroom dialogue

    Save the Date | Keynote Presentation

    Dr. Srivi Ramasubramanian
    Newhouse Endowed Professor, Syracuse University

    At Syracuse University, Dr. Ramasubramanian teaches classes on critical approaches to digital media, social justice, and data equity. Her scholarship addresses pressing contemporary global issues relating to media,diversity, and social justice.She is widely recognized for her pioneering work on race and media, media literacy initiatives,implicit bias reduction,and scholar-activism.

    Read full bio

  • Save the Date

    Jan 7

    Evidence-Based Teaching Practices for HE

    Hybrid | 8 weeks | Stipend $1,000
    Choose face-to-face dates: 
    Spring A Dates: Jan 12 & 26 Feb 2 & 16
    Spring B Dates: March 2 & 16 & 30 & April 6
    Focused on teaching strategies with strong evidence foundation (effect size), read seminal works in teaching and learning and apply/practice in active learning peer environment. Topics will include learning preferences, inclusive teaching, growth mindset, constructive feedback, teamwork, and assessment for learning. Facilitated by Merilee Larsen and Melinda Barber, Department of Public Health.
  • Save the Date

    Feb 3

    Thrive: Advancing Teaching and Learning Unconference

    This new event will follow the "Unconference" model, i.e., an open space where participants network, collaborate and innovate around the topic of teaching and learning.
    The overarching themes will range from course design, implementation of learning technology, assessment of student learning, inclusive teaching practices, student engagement and support strategies, and more.
    Proposals will be peer-reviewed and participants will receive an honorarium.
  • Save the Date

    Feb 4

    EdTech Summit

    Come learn about teaching with technology at this annual event. Learn more about integrating technology into your classroom. 


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Advance HE / HEA

Accredited international recognition for teaching and supporting learning.

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Flexible Learning Council

University/College Flexible Learning Council membership and resources.

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Faculty Resources

Resources for assessment, diversity and inclusion, evidence-based teaching, SoTL, large classes, and more.

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Ready, Set, Learn Online!

This new tutorial (concluding with a certificate of completion) prepares students for learning online by addressing questions such as: How can you be successful in your online classes? How much time should you set aside each week for your online classes? How can you get tech support?

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Prepare for Fall Semester

Get set with our Semester Start Checklist, video tutorials for MS Teams and Canvas, and other helpful resources!

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 We support instructors in their teaching via the following services:
  • Teaching certifications. Offering robust professional development pathways and recognition through the Teaching Excellence Program (TEP). Through the TEP, instructors enhance teaching practices through peer-led teaching certification programs with a special focus on high impact teaching practices such as supporting first year students, undergraduate research, collaborative learning, inclusive teaching, service learning, and writing pedagogy. 

  • Teaching fellowships. As the only American institution accredited by Advance HE, OTL awards prestigious HEA fellowships in recognition of teaching/supporting learning excellence. The HEA fellowship program provides instructors with service opportunities through mentoring and assessing peer applications.

  • Instructional design. We partner with instructors to design effective courses using evidence-based practices, accessible content, and engaging technologies. 

  • Technology support. We support instructors in their implementation of learning technologies through 1:1 consultations, communities of practice, and peer-led training opportunities. We offer extensive Canvas and Microsoft Teams support, which form UVU’s “virtual campus”. 

  • SOTL. We facilitate the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning program to advance teaching practices. Conduct research in your classroom and share your findings through public events.


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