Academic Standings

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You may have an academic hold on your account based on your Academic Standing.

You can view your holds in myUVU > Students tab > Enrollment Tasks.

Keep in mind: Not all holds come from Academic Standards. There are many reasons why you may have a hold on your account.

You can find a list of other types of registration holds here.

For a list of Academic Standards holds, and reasons for those holds, follow the link below.

Open Standings & Holds PDF


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To remove holds for Academic Warning (AW), Academic Probation (AP), or Continued Probation (CP), please proceed to the appropriate workshop and follow the instructions! 

Most workshops will include a video and digital workbook, and some may require meeting with your first-year counselor, major advisor, or an Academic Standards Counselor/Coach.

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To remove holds for Academic Suspension (AS) or Academic Dismissal (AD), please proceed to the appropriate petition.

Academic Standards can remove your hold after the petition is reviewed and accepted and you have met with your Academic Standards Counselor/Coach. 

Petition deadlines are as follows:

  • February 1 - Summer return 
  • March 15 - Fall return
  • June 1 - Fall return (for students suspended after Spring)
  • September 15 - Spring return
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You may be on Continued Probation for a few semesters while building your cumulative GPA back up to a 2.0. If you are on Continued Probation, but improving your GPA, you will be asked to complete a success planning worksheet at the beginning of the semester and meet with your Academic Standards Counselor/Coach to review.

While on Continued Probation or any level of Academic Suspension or Dismissal, you will be asked to complete a midterm grade check form for your Academic Standards Counselor/Coach.

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