There are many reasons why you may have a hold on your account! To view your holds, go to myUVU > Students tab > Enrollment Tasks.

Removing Academic Standards Holds

Removing AW, AN, and CN Holds


To start the process of removing AW – Academic Warning,  AN – Academic  Notice, and CN - Continued Notice holds, proceed to the Academic Standings & Holds page.

Removing AS and AD Holds


To start the process of removing AS - Academic Suspension and AD - Academic Dismissal holds, proceed to the Petitions page.

Removing GC Holds


If you are on Continued Notice, you will have a midterm GC - Academic Standards Grade Check hold. If you are on Academic Suspension, Academic Dismissal, Continued Suspension, or Continued Dismissal, you will have monthly GC holds. To remove the GC hold, you need to submit a grade check to your Academic Standards Counselor/Coach, or discuss grades in your Academic Coaching session.

Removing Other UVU Registration Holds

Below are the most common types of registration holds you may see that are unrelated to Academic Standards (and who to contact to get them removed).

Holds Starting with A - I


Holds Starting with L - W