Renew Accommodations

Once accommodations have been approved, it is the student’s responsibility to submit an Accommodation Request each semester in order for their Letter of Accommodation to be issued. This process is completed online through the Clockwork system. It is important that Accommodation Requests be submitted in a timely manner since accommodations do not apply retroactively. If our office does not receive a Semester Request from the student, the Letter of Accommodation will not be issued to faculty, and accommodations will not be in effect. The steps to submit a Semester Request each semester are as follows:

Step 1

Login to Clockwork using your UVU ID and password.

Clockwork Login

Step 2

Click on the "Request Accommodations" and select the "Accommodations" tab.

Step 3

Be sure the correct semester is listed at the top of the page. You will see a list of your classes. Click "Request" for the classes you would like to request accommodations.

Step 4

You may customize which accommodations you want to request for each class, or you can "select all" to choose all accommodations.

Step 5

Once the Semester Request is received and processed by a counselor, the Letter of Accommodation (LOA) will be sent via email to the student, appropriate instructors, and any other relevant staff for the classes designated in the Semester Request. A copy of the letter will also be available in the student portal in Clockwork.

Once the Letter of Accommodation has been issued to faculty, students will need to meet with each instructor to discuss the details of the accommodations and determine how each accommodation will/can work in the course. In some circumstances, requested accommodations may not be reasonable in specific courses. If this arises, Accessibility Services (AS) will engage with faculty and determine what is reasonable. In cases where, based on the nature of the course and the essential elements, a requested accommodation is not reasonable, AS may explore alternatives with the student if an access barrier is still present.

Requesting Additional Accommodations

Finding the accommodations and supports that work best for you isn't always easy. If you are still struggling with your classes, facing additional challenges, or if something changes with your disability, please contact your accessibility counselor. Depending on your situation and accommodation requests, your counselor will let you know if additional documentation is needed.

Grievance Process for Accommodation Denial

If an accommodation request is not approved, and you disagree with the decision, you have the right to seek a review and reconsideration through the Accessibility Services Grievance Process pursuant to UVU Policy 152 Accommodations for Individuals with Disabilities, Section 5.5.

Grievances related to discrimination based on disability should be directed to the University’s Office of Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action pursuant to UVU Policy 165 Discrimination, Harassment, and Affirmative Action.

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