Accessibility Services provides reasonable and appropriate accommodations to ensure equal access in the academic environment for students with disabilities. The time frame for completing the process to request accommodations is based on a number of potential factors, including but not limited to:

  • the availability of appropriate supporting documentation
  • the nature of a student’s academic accommodation requests
  • scheduling appointments during peak periods of a semester

It can take as little as a few days to as long as a few weeks depending on each individual's situation. Accommodations can be requested at any time during the semester. However, once accommodations are approved, they are applied proactively, rather than retroactively.

Apply for Accommodations (New Students)

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Renew Accommodations (Registered Students)

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Diagnostic Resources

As you are applying for accommodations, the main piece of documentation you need to provide to AS is a diagnosis from a licensed professional. An official diagnosis can be a significant barrier to receiving accommodations for many students. We understand that navigating the diagnostic process can be challenging for several reasons. While AS cannot provide these services directly, we are here to connect you with departments and resources that can.

For additional campus and community resources, please visit our Resources page or call our office at 801-863-8747.

Campus Resources

Student Health Services

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Student Health Services offers evaluations for ADHD, autism, and other learning disabilities. The cost of evaluations ranges from $75-$400 depending on the specific evaluation and are available to all UVU students with no minimum credit hour requirement.
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Mental Health Services

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Mental Health Services provides assessment and treatment for several mental health concerns, including anxiety and depression. Individual therapy appointments are available for $10 to students taking at least 9 credit hours in fall and spring semesters or 6 credit hours during the summer.
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Medical Services

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Medical Services offers minor medical care and basic procedures. In addition to office visits and physician exams, Medical Services can assist with temporary conditions, such as sprains, concussions, or pregnancy.
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Student Rights and Responsibilities

Utah Valley University is committed to providing equal access for qualified students with disabilities, in accordance with state and federal laws. Equal access is provided through accommodations on a case-by-case basis through an interactive process with Accessibility Services (AS). As a student with a disability receiving accommodation from AS, it is important to know your rights and responsibilities outlined below.

AS Students Have the Right To:

  • An equal opportunity to access course information and materials.
  • An equal opportunity to participate in and benefit from the university community.
  • To choose whether or not to disclose the nature of your disability to your professor(s). The information you provide to AS is protected by FERPA.
  • To file a grievance if you believe you have been discriminated against.

AS Student Responsibilities:

  • Self-identify to AS as having a disability and provide accurate and timely documentation.
  • Check UVU email and/or Clockwork portal for updates and announcements.
  • Understand that the accommodation process, from application to implementation, can take up to three weeks to be completed.
  • Request accommodations each semester in a timely manner and understand that a late request does not constitute retroactive adjustments.
  • Notify AS if classes are dropped or added.
  • Ensure that instructors have received the Letter of Accommodation once it has been issued.
  • Communicate directly with instructors regarding exam accommodations and stay in communication about the time and place of such exams.
  • Contact AS in a timely manner if having any difficulty securing or arranging accommodations.
  • Promptly return any borrowed equipment to AS when it is no longer needed.
  • If approved for note taking or audio recording services, I understand that these services are for my use only and may not be shared. In addition, I understand that I must be present in class to receive these services.
  • Understand that requesting accommodations does not mean that I will be approved.
  • Meet the same standards—academic, technical, performance and behavioral—expected of all Utah Valley University students.
  • Some accommodations may be approved temporarily. This may be due to insufficient documentation and/or type of disability. In these cases, I will need to update my documentation to receive accommodations again. I understand that approval with be based on a review of the new documentation and there is no guarantee that the same or any accommodations will be approved.
  • Understand that faculty are not required to provide any accommodation that fundamentally alters the nature of their course or lowers the academic standards.
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