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Surveying and Mapping

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Engineering Design

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Welcome to Engineering Design Technology

Engineering Design Technicians (formerly Drafters/Designers) translate ideas from design layouts, specifications, rough sketches, and calculations of engineers & architects into working drawings, maps, plans, and illustrations which are used in making products.

They prepare drawings using Computer Aided Drafting (CAD), Design, and 3D modeling systems. They work in mechanical, electrical electronic, structural, architectural, civil, piping, and technical illustration fields.

They make mathematical calculations related to the above fields using algebra, trigonometry, plane and solid geometry, applied mechanics, strength of materials and basic physics.

Looking for the 3D Print Lab?

While the lab is open to all students across campus, AED students will find it helpful for various projects thoughout the whole program

3D Print Lab

Architectural and Engineering Design Job Growth

May 2018 National Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates

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The Engineering Design Technology (EDT) program principally prepares students for drafting (mechanical, architectural, structural, civil, and electrical electronic) and surveying careers.

Beit Lehi

Surveying and Maping Project

UVU accomplished a great deal on this first trip over with students. The EGDT Surveying team were able to lay out a complex curvey control grid above the ground that all the future surveying, mapping, and design work can be related to.

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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Architecture and Engineering Design Department is to prepare future professionals to engage in the diverse disciplines of Architecture, Engineering Design/Drafting, and Surveying and Mapping. The Department cultivates an elevated commitment to work ethic, quality, productivity, and service. Successful graduates will be dynamic self-starters and lifelong learners who are serious about work and accept the stewardship of designing the future.