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How do I get a parking permit?

You can obtain your parking permit on the Parking Services webpage. Click here to view the Parking Map.


How do I register my car to park on campus?

Please visit the Parking Services webpage to register your car.


Where can I park for free?

All vehicles parked on campus either require a parking permit or must use a pay parking lots. Click here to view the Parking Map.


COVID related

Am I required to  masks required on campus? 

We are a mask-recommended university.   

Face coverings over the nose and mouth are recommended in all campus buildings.   

We need you to take care of yourself and stay mindful of the symptoms of COVID-19. The symptoms include fever or chills, loss of taste or smell, nausea, and a sore throat. For convenience, we provided a self-assessment checklist.

If you tested positive for COVID-19, have been exposed to COVID-19, or have other respiratory-illness-related symptoms, we ask you to fill out this form. This information will help us keep others safe.

If you have been ill and are ready to return to work on campus, we need you to complete our Return to Work after Illness or Exposure Form.   

As announced on August 30, 2021, COVID-19 vaccination will be required for UVU students starting spring semester 2022.** To read the full statement click here.

How to I get a COVID-19 vaccine exemption?

For details about the COVID-19 vaccination requirement click here.

Are COVID-19 tests and vaccines  available on campus?

In an ongoing effort to ensure fall 2021 is healthy, safe, and successful, free COVID-19 testing and vaccination continue. The tests provided are non-invasive and offer rapid results — however, they are not a PCA test that is often needed for travel or medical procedures. The vaccination clinic offers the Moderna vaccine (and possibly FDA-approved Pfizer soon) to those over age 18. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is temporarily unavailable at UVU's vaccination site. Vaccines are available to all students, faculty, and staff (and their immediate family). Booster vaccines are also available to those who meet the standards established by the CDC for immunocompromised individuals. No proof is required.

The location for both testing and vaccinations has changed. It is now located on the second floor of the [Sorensen Student Center, above the ballroom and across from Student Health Services. Students, faculty, and staff can make an appointment.

  • Monday–Friday: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.   
  • Open late on Wednesdays: 9 a.m. – 6 p.m.
  • Students experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are encouraged to get a test. Drive-thru testing for symptomatic students is located in lot L10, north of the Wolverine Services Center, between 9 a.m. and noon, Monday through Friday.

As announced on August 30, 2021, COVID-19 vaccination will be required for UVU students starting spring semester 2022. To read the full statement click here

For more information about UVU’s COVID testing and vaccinations, visit our testing website.



How do I submit a cost of attendance appeal?

There may be times when you end up having additional educational expenses and are looking for a way to make sure you have enough funds to cover them. A Cost of Attendance Appeal allows you to request an increase in the total amount of financial aid you can receive for the academic year, which normally results in allowing you to borrow additional student loans.

Examples of expenses that might be considered in a Cost of Attendance Appeal are living expenses, computers, uninsured medical expenses, transportation, child care, special books or supplies, and relocation expenses.

Contact the Financial Aid & Scholarships Office to discuss your specific needs and next steps.

Will financial aid cover a course I have already taken?

In some cases, you can use financial aid to pay for classes you repeat. There is no limit to how many times you can retake a course using financial aid, as long as you never received a passing grade, and provided you meet the satisfactory academic progress requirements. It is important to note that D grades are considered passing by the Department of Education.

If you take a class and receive a passing grade, you are only eligible to retake the course one additional time while receiving financial aid.



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