IN THE LOOP | July 5, 2022

calendar items

(For a full list of all UVU Staff holidays, see the PACE calendar)

July 11

Collaboration day: staff meeting

July 18

Collaboration day: sub-department meetings and preview for R-Instat

July 25

UVU Staff Holiday: Pioneer Day (observed)

August 1

Collaboration day: staff meeting

August 15

Collaboration day: sub-department meetings

August 22

First day of UVU's Fall semester

September 5

UVU Staff Holiday: Labor Day

need to know

Tableau Iron viz

Here are three Tableau Iron visualizations that were discussed in last Monday's Tableau collaboration meeting:

2022 Staff Goal Setting

During the month of July, you may access and complete your goal setting in UVU Perform. Please ensure your assigned supervisor appears correctly in the system and contact the HR Service Desk at extension 8207 for updates or questions.

An employee’s goal setting is not complete in the system until it reaches the ‘Finalized’ state (approved by the first-level supervisor).

For more information on the 2022 Staff Goal Setting, including guides, FAQs, and trainings, please refer to the Staff Performance Development information in myUVU.

information items

UVU Presents: On the Menu

On the Menu is a monthly in-person professional development group where we will discuss various topics with courses provided by LinkedIn Learning. Each month the People and Culture team will select a new topic with input from UVU employees. The topic for this month is The Power of Influence.

Please join us for our first meeting Thursday, July 7, at 1:00 pm in SC 213a; refreshments will be provided. Come prepared to discuss and engage by completing the following courses:

To register, click here.

UVU Data migration

The migration from Google Drive, Dropbox, the S Drive, and Box is planned to start in July 2022 and end by December 2022.


Internal audit - ethicspoint

EthicsPoint is a system that provides individuals the ability to anonymously report concerns. Reports can be made online at or by phone at 877-228-5401.

Go passwordless

UVU is implementing a new Passwordless authentication option for faculty, staff, and students. No password is needed. If you do not opt-in by July 15, your account will default to getting a text message for multi-factor authentication.

See for details.

COVID-19 Info Resources for Staff


UVU moves from Pandemic to Endemic

UVU’s vaccine and testing clinic are now closed.

Home test kits are still available at Student Health Services, Human Resources, and Campus Connection. These are distribution-only sites; you can find answers to questions on the CDC website or by contacting your healthcare provider. Vaccinations are also available through the Utah County Health Department and traditional providers.

repeating events

Dx Half-time

Every Wednesday at 11:45 is the Dx Half-Time meeting.  You can access the meeting in the OIT - Public Team (in Microsoft Teams) in the Half-Time channel (Hidden channel). This meeting is only 15 minutes long, and everyone in Dx is invited.

board game lunch

On Wednesdays, the conference room will be open from 12:00-1:00 pm for all those who want to play board games on their lunch break.

wolverine sightings

Want to say thanks to someone for a job well done? Send a Wolverine Sighting!

pace wants to hear from you!

Did you know that PACE has an anonymous suggestion box for comments, suggestions, or concerns for the PACE board at If you would like a personal response, please include your name.


Food Service Hours of Operation for summer 2022

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Restaurants M – Th Friday Saturday
Starbucks (SC) 8:00 am–6:00 pm 8:00 am–5:00 pm Closed
Scoops (SC) 8:00 am–6:00 pm 8:00 am–5:00 pm Closed
Scoops (CB) 9:00 am–4:00 pm 9:00 am–4:00 pm Closed
Taco Bell (RL) 8:00 am–4:00 pm 8:00 am–3:00 pm Closed
Mom Fulton's Cafe (FL) 8:00 am–4:00 pm 8:00 am–2:00 pm Closed
Jamba Juice (RL) Closed Closed Closed
Subway (RL) Closed Closed Closed
Wendy's (SL) 8:00 am–3:00 pm 8:00 am–3:00 pm Closed
Chik-Fil-A (SC) 9:00 am–3:00 pm 9:00 am–3:00 pm Closed
Guru's Cafe (CB) Closed Closed Closed
Sodalicious (KB) 10:00 am-2:00 pm 10:00 am-2:00 pm Closed
Trades Cafe (GT) Closed Closed Closed
CupBop (FL)
Closed Closed Closed
Food Trucks (FL) None None None


New Store/Reopening Location Estimated Completion  
SC Construction Student Center Summer 2022
Chick-Fil-A Student Center NOW OPEN
Panda Express Student Center Summer 2022
E.A.T.S. Student Center Summer 2022



IR social at thanksgiving point

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