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Secondary Education, Licensure

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The Professional Teacher Education Program at Utah Valley University is designed to prepare quality, entry level candidates for teaching in secondary education programs grades 7-12.

All students who matriculate into the professional licensure program must have a major in an approved content area. Students seeking licensure in approved content areas complete a major in that area and required coursework in Secondary Education to qualify for a Level I Utah State Professional Educator License for grades 7-12.

Baccalaureate degrees (BS and BA) are granted through the content area department and not through the School of Education. Licensure is granted through the School of Education Program.

To continue in the teacher education program, students are expected to maintain all program standards. They must maintain expected levels of competence in all coursework, field work, and student teaching with all course grades at or above a B- or higher. Additionally, teacher candidates are expected to adhere to standards of personal integrity, responsibility, and citizenship commonly expected of professional educators.

Total Program Credits: 32

Matriculation Requirements: 
  1. ACT or SAT Reading-ACT composite score of 21 with a Verbal/English score of 20 or higher or combined SAT score of 1000 with Verbal score 450 or higher. Writing-English 2010 passed with C+ or better. Math-ACT. Math Quantitative score of 19 or higher or SAT Mathematics score 450 or higher or passing Math 1030 (35), Math 1040 (45), or 1050 (55) with a C+ or higher. If student has a bachelor degree or higher, he/she does not need to meet this testing requirement.
  2. GPA of 3.0 or higher with no grade lower than a C in content area courses.
  3. Completion of all General Education requirements and the majority of content area courses.
  4. Pass LiveScan Criminal Background Check.
Discipline Core Requirements: 32 Credits
Pre-Professional Core Requirements  
  EDSC 1010 Introduction to Education 2
Discipline Core Courses1  
  EDSC 3000 Educational Psychology 3
  EDSC 325G Equitable Technology Integration GI 2
  EDSP 340G Exceptional Students 2
  EDSC 4200 Classroom Management I2 2
  EDSC 4250 Classroom Management II 2
  EDSC 445G Multicultural Instruction ESL 3
  EDSC 4440 Content Area Literacies3 3
  EDSC 455G Secondary Curriculum Instruction and Assessment 3
  EDSC 4850 Student Teaching--Secondary 8
  EDSC 4990 Teacher Performance Assessment Project WE 2
1 Must be completed with a grade of B- or higher.
2 Dance Education majors take DANC 4430 in place of EDSC 4200.
3 English Education majors take ENGL 4210, 4220, 4230 in place of EDSC 4440.

Graduation Plan

This graduation plan is a sample plan and is intended to be a guide. Your specific plan may differ based on your Math and English placement and/or transfer credits applied. You are encouraged to meet with an advisor and set up an individualized graduation plan in Wolverine Track

Milestone courses (pre-requisites for a course in one of the subsequent semesters) are marked in red and italicized.

Semester 6 Course Title Credit Hours
EDSP 340G Exceptional Students 2
EDSC 3000 Educational Psychology 3
EDEL 1010 Introduction to Education 2
EDSC 455G Secondary Curriculum Instruction and Assessment 3
Content Course IF NEEDED Varies
  Semester total: 10
NOTES: Must apply for matriculation and be formally admitted to the Secondary Education Program prior to taking Semesters 6-8 courses. All general education and 70% of content courses must be complete prior to program admission.
Semester 7 Course Title Credit Hours
EDSC 325G Equitable Technology Integration GI 2
EDSC 4200 Classroom Management I (Dance Education Majors take DANC 4430) 2
EDSC 4440 Content Area Literacies (English Majors take ENGL 4210) 3
EDSC 445G Multicultural Instruction and ESL 3
Methods Course(s) IF NEEDED Varies
Content Course IF NEEDED Varies
  Semester total: 10
NOTES: PRAXIS II TEST Required for Licensure. Take Praxis Subject Assessment Exam this semester, must be completed prior to student teaching; Apply to student teach for Semester 8 this semester
Semester 8 Course Title Credit Hours
EDSC 4850 Student Teaching 4-10
EDSC 4250 Classroom Management II 2
EDSC 4990 Teacher Performance Assessment Project WE 2
  Semester total: 12
  Degree total: 32



Secondary and Special Education

The Secondary and Special Education department is in the School of Education. To find the most up-to-date information from the Secondary and Special Education department, visit their website.

Secondary and Special Education department