Directions with Photos

  1. Travel on I-15 South
  2. Take exit 188, to US-50/Scipio.
  3. Turn left at top of exit ramp and continue through Scipio following signs to remain on US-50.- about 25 miles
  4. Turn right on UT-260 towards Aurora.
    Signs for I-70 East and West on road side Sign for Salina, Aurora, and Richfield on side of road
  5. Continue through Aurora (stay left at the fork in the road as you're leaving Aurora) until reaching a stop sign. - about 4.5 miles
  6. Turn right on UT-24.
    Sign for UT-24 at Intersection
  7. Continue underneath I-70 and go about 3 miles.
  8. Turn left where UT-24 continues towards Fish Lake and Capitol Reef National Park, passing through the town of Sigurd.
    Sign for Sigard, Richfield, and Fishlake along side of road Signs for UT 24 and UT 118 on side of road at intersection Sigurd Town sign and Sigurd the town from road.
  9. Stay on UT-24 through the towns of Loa, Lyman, Bicknell, and Torrey (last town before park) until you see signs for the Capitol Reef National Park Visitor Center - about 70 miles.
  10. Turn right onto Scenic Drive at the Visitor Center and go about 8 miles. You'll continue past the campground, self-service fee station (your CRFS user fees cover the entrance fee), and past Grand Wash until you see a fork in the road. To the left is Capitol Gorge and to the right is a dirt road leading to Pleasant Creek.
    Fork in road in the desert Sigurd Town sign and Sigurd the town from road.
  11. Veer right at the fork towards Pleasant Creek.
  12. Cross the dry wash and continue 2.5 miles on the dirt road until you see another fork in the road.
  13. Veer left at the fork at the sign for Capitol Reef Field Station. The station is up at the top of the mesa. You can park underneath the solar panels.
    Fork in the road with sign for Capitol Reef Field Station and Pleasant Creek

Please check with the Site Manager regarding road conditions as the road may be impassable, depending on the weather.

The Scenic Drive fee is waived for CRFS visitors. Just continue south.