CRFS Grant Program

We provide funding for UVU faculty, staff, and mentored students to conduct research, creative work, and curriculum development consistent with our mission and linked to the Colorado Plateau.

CRFS may prioritize proposals related to our research priorities, however, proposals are not limited to those topics.

Projects are typically funded up to $3,000, but we may be able to fund exceptional projects up to $10,000.

CRFS Grant Proposal Guidelines


Submit your proposal to to initiate the review process. The CRFS review committee and executive committee will review the proposal and contact you as soon as possible. Your proposal must be submitted at least one month before you expect to begin your project.

Project title:

Principal investigator(s) name, phone and email:

Date submitted:

Will this project involve:

  • Park resources? (Y/N) If yes, contact CRFS ( if you are unsure if a Park permit is required or need assistance with the permitting process (Request Permit); otherwise, attach your permit or indicate when a permit will be acquired.
  • Human subject research? (Y/N) If yes, and the research requires a UVU IRB permit, attach the permit or indicate when a permit will be acquired.
  • Other work requiring a permit? (Y/N) If yes, what?

Project Description:
Please address each of the following prompts in a separate, labeled subsection.

  1. Project objectives and/or goals.
  2. Project methods and activities.
  3. Project alignment with CRFS mission.
  4. Describe the broader impacts the project will have on students, staff, faculty, visitors, community at large, etc.
  5. Project outputs (e.g., curriculum development, publications, presentations, web content, creative output, etc.)
  6. References cited

Project Timeline:
In addition to start and completion dates, please describe the measurable, quantifiable benchmarks that will indicate if objectives are met.

Detailed project budget, including the following:

  1. Total budget request from CRFS
  2. Travel (mileage, food*, lodging)
  3. Please indicate any other funding sources for this project

* Note that funding for food is recommended to be approximately $15/person/day because CRFS facilities include a full kitchen.

Investigator bios:
Please provide a short biographical note for the primary investigators that addresses how their qualifications bear on the project.

Apply with the

Grant Proposal Template

Deadline for proposals: March 1, 2023