The mission of the Forensic Science academic program is to provide an engaged, multidisciplinary, exceptional forensic science education, which includes scientific research, ethical practices, and real-world experiences, upholding truth and justice within the criminal justice system. 

We achieve our mission by focusing on UVU's core values: Exceptional Care, Exceptional Accountability and Exceptional Results.


Exceptional Care
• Investing in each of our students, by teaching a high quality, comprehensive curriculum focused on student success within their chosen forensic disciplines.
• Creating a supportive learning environment that promotes open communication between students and faculty. 
• Providing student academic and career guidance.
• Embracing diversity within our program and student body.

Exceptional Accountability
• Hold students and faculty to a high level of academic integrity.
• Assist students in developing ethical, professional demeanor and proper interpersonal skills. 
• Recognize student academic successes within forensic research and educational development.

Exceptional Results
• Employ theoretical and practical principles of chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics within our coursework.
• Help students develop effective written and oral communication skills.
• Provide networking opportunities for student relationships within the local forensic community. 
• Develop avenues of community engagement, research and public education

UVU’s forensic academic program provides a multidisciplinary education where students will be prepared with skills and experience designed to prepare students for successful careers within forensic science. 

The program provides access to state of the art laboratory equipment, a practical crime scene facility and professors with extensive backgrounds working in the forensic field.

Voted one of the top Forensic Science Degree programs in 2021 by Study.com and in 2018 by College Choice, UVU’s Forensic Science Program promotes and teaches competence, integrity, professional practices and ethical skills needed of the forensic expert in today’s criminal justice system.


In 2019 and 2021 our program was also voted one of the top most affordable Forensic Science Degree in the United States.


Top 100 most affordable forensic Science Colleges Badge


Each year we have many exciting events, advancements and news to share with our students. Through collaboration with students and faculty within the forensic science program we have developed a newsletter which is released semi-annually. We want to keep students up to date on what is going on in the program, the forensic science field, both locally and nationally.

Events and News

Amie Houghton showing two students something at the pigdig site

Pig Dig

Students participate in a forensic investigation to uncover the body of a pig. The outcome of this exercise was to give students a hands-on experience about how to properly uncover and document evidence from a burial scene. Read more at Good4utah


Woman in a hazmat suit and gloves holding a pillow smiling at the camera.

Meet Layton Weekes: A UVU graduate working in Forensics!

Layton Weekes attended UVU and dreamed of going into forensic science since she was 6 years old. She is now fulfilling that dream! Learn more about her story here.

A poster for the opening of the forensic crime scene house

Crime Scene House Opening

The crime scene house opened on April 21st, 2017. Both the interior and exterior of the house have been set up to replicate different types of crime scenes. Students use the space to learn how to discover and handle different types of evidence collected in real-life crime scene investigations.


UVU Forensic Science Arson Burn

Students participate in a car burning in order to put their learning to the test.  They are able to participate in hands on experience to jump start them for when they get the chance to go to real life crime scenes. This type of learning can benefit a student in many ways preparing them for the real world.