Crime Scene Forensic Facility

One of the most unique features of UVU’s Forensic Science Program is the Crime Scene Forensic Facility. This facility provides students within the program an engaged learning environment where they can conduct hands-on exercises in a more “real-life” setting.

  • A two bedroom, one bath home provides a perfect location for students to experience what it would be like working in the field.

  • Both the interior and exterior of the home are used to set up mock crime scenes and various scenarios related to forensic investigations.

  • At this location, students employ skills such as crime scene processing, evidence identification and collection, documenting scattered remains, photographing incident scene reconstruction, and much more.

Forensic Laboratory

Students enrolled in the Forensic Science Program have the opportunity for practical learning in our forensic laboratory. Our laboratory is outfitted to the level of a state or federal crime laboratory with over $1.2 million in specialized equipment. Students learn skills that will be utilized in their prospective careers in the forensic lab environment. Students learn techniques in chromatographic and mass spectrum analyses of physical evidence commonly found in criminal investigations. They conduct examinations such as drug identification, paint composition and solid and liquid trace evidence identification.