Horizontal Billboard

Posters and Videos 15 seconds or less that can be understood without audio can be posted here. Be aware that videos will not show up in the online gallery.

Horizontal Billboard Example 

Portrait Billboard

 This is the standard billboard style of digital signage on campus.  Posters and specially formatted videos less than 15 seconds can be posted here.  Special software and expertise will be needed to format videos for these displays.  Be aware that videos will not show up in the online gallery. 

Portrait Display with TV




As more banner locations have been installed these have become the most noticeable layout across campus. Advertising is open to all departments on banner locations. Templates should be used to ensure correct design.

Banner exampleBillboard


Upon special request interactive interfaces can be designed that combine typical signage with information and navigation.


Video Wall

With special funding and special approval video walls can also be constructed to create one large nearly-seamless image.