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The School of Education offers international and domestic intercultural experiences to students enrolled in our programs. These global opportunities enrich professional preparation with participatory learning relevant to K-12 student and community diversity in Utah and around the nation. Our destinations are strategically selected to involve locations, languages, and cultures connected to the state educational programs – including dual language immersion - and to Utah’s changing demographic makeup.

Global Student Teaching


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New Zealand

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Navajo Nation

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Student teach in classrooms, schools, and communities in destinations where you gain unique global knowledge and experience relevant to your future professional career. Immerse in diverse educational, cultural, and linguistic contexts and engage in professional and personal intercultural experiences while living, learning, and practicing teaching in a global location – and then, apply the acquired global proficiencies in Utah’s K-12 classrooms.

International Two-Week Experiences


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Pre-service teachers who integrate global experiences into their professional preparation develop key competencies related to student diversity in Utah’s K-12 classrooms. Our two-week international immersion engages participants in professionally rich activities that respond to the state’s changing demographics and support the linguistic diversity in K-12 schools.