summer intercultural opportunities

The UVU School of Education enriches our students’ professional preparation and deepens their understanding of the world’s diversity by offering them a variety of international and domestic intercultural experiences. These experiences foster personal growth and self-reflection through participatory learning relevant to the diversity in Utah and help to enhance effective educational practice and culturally relevant pedagogy.  

Many of these opportunities also meet the requirements for UVU's Global/Intercultural Distinction.  Additional information regarding the Global/Intercultural Distinction can be found at the link below:


For more information contact our global engagement office:
(801) 863-5657

The Student Support Volunteer will help refugee students in Salt Lake City area navigate their remote, online school work by providing basic academic and tech support for grades K-12. Please note that this is an in-person opportunity, depending on the specific needs of the matched student. Volunteers will be matched with a student and/or family with kids who need help with their online classes and asked to meet regularly with the student/family to troubleshoot barriers to accessing online classwork. This position is in-person. The position has specific COVID-19 procedures and policies in place that must be followed to ensure the safety of all clients, staff, and volunteers.


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Summer school

Canyons School District Summer school volunteer

Canyons School District is looking for volunteers to help with their Summer School during the month of June. Some opportunities available are getting kids on and off the bus, supervising breakfast and lunch, helping with recess, or assisting in the copy room.  Copperview Elementary is home to many refugee families.  Consider looking at options for this school to engage with the refugee community.


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promise south salt lake

promise south
salt lake

Promise South Salt Lake is a network of 14 community centers located throughout our city that offer programs at no cost. They put a specific emphasis on the youngest residents, providing a city-wide system of afterschool that ensures youth receive the same high-quality services across all of their programs year-round.

Each day includes snack and dinner services, homework help or tutoring, enrichment activities which include; model prevention programming, art, STEM, recreation, service learning, and college and career prep. The programs are supported by staff trained in best practices, college mentors and volunteers, and programming partners.  


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Additional opportunities coming soon