Short, focused learning experiences are offered in a variety of formats for busy professional educators, community members, and educational policy makers on a range of high-interest topics for university credit or personal enrichment. The objective of these experiences is to meet the needs and interests of schools and communities as they explore current issues in education. Course titles and credits will vary from one to three credits, according to the length of the offering.

Spring 2018

29563 EDUC 520R 1 Spcl Tpcs in Ed: International Immersion 8-Jan-18 3-May-18 F 04:00 pm-05:50 pm ME 101D Waite, Bryan Robert
30147 EDUC 520R 4 Differentiation and Diversity 8-Jan-18 3-May-18 W 4:30 pm - 7:30 pm ME 109 Ruggles, Krista

Summer 2018

17757 EDUC 520R 3 Spcl Tpc APT ARL Models 4-Jun-18 27-Jul-18 TR 1030-1320 ME 101d Cox, Suzy
17758 EDUC 520R 4 Spcl Tpc APT ARL ED Policy Pro 4-Jun-18 27-Jul-18 TR 730-1020 ME 101e Sowder, Mary
17759 EDUC 520R 5 Spcl Tpc APT ARL Curriculum 4-Jun-18 27-Jul-18 TR 1330-1620 TBA Escalante, Deb

Fall 2018

28260 EDUC 520R 1 Sp Tops in ED Coding for Tchrs 21-Aug-17 16-Dec-17 R 04:30 pm-05:25 pm ME 101D Reynaud, Josie
28453 EDUC 520R 2 Spcl Tpcs in Ed: International Immersion 11-Oct-17 16-Dec-17 F 04:00 pm-05:50 pm TBA Waite, Bryan
29474 EDUC 520R 5 Educational Assessment 21-Aug-17 16-Dec-17 T 4:30-7:30 ME 104 Sowder, Mary
EDUC 520R 6 Learning by Design 21-Aug-17 16-Dec-17 T 4:30-7:30 ME 119 Cox, Susan Marie
EDUC 520R 601 Sp Tops in Ed Google Cert Tchr 21-Aug-17 16-Dec-17 R 05:30 pm-06:25 pm ME 101D Reynaud, Josie