Jack Rabbit III Program

Utah Valley University, with the support of federal, state, and local resources, is building upon the lessons learned in JR II (Chlorine) by participating in the JR III Program (Ammonia). The Emergency Responder Working Group (ERWG) seeks to ensure that the issues and needs related to the National Emergency Preparedness (NEP) mission and the emergency response community are integrated and relevant for the JR III program involving catastrophic releases for Toxic Inhalation Hazards (TIH) products, specifically, Ammonia. This Federal, State, Local, Tribal, and Territorial (FSLTT) involvement will once again be an opportunity to build upon the successful collaboration between the team and the scientific community experienced during the JR II trials. The ERWG will be focusing on the objectives promoting the NEP mission and the emergency response objectives.

Field trials will be sometime in 2024. Most likely, in various parts of the US, not restricted to one climate. ERWG objectives are being refined and experiments are currently being designed to meet global and specific program goals.

The Jack Rabbit Program

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