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Utah Valley University

Paramedic Program Application Information  

Last Updated 2/27/2020 


Paramedic Application Checklist*:


  • Applicants must be fully admitted to Utah Valley University by the time the application is received.


  • Applicants are solely responsible for completing and/or including all required items on the paramedic applications. Omissions, misstatements, or falsifications will affect the applicant being reviewed or considered. The Emergency Services Department will not contact an applicant regarding missing data. Applicants are responsible for keeping the program informed of address changes and/or phone number changes.


  • Admission to the Utah Valley University’s Paramedic classes is selective and competitive.


As the Paramedic Program depends on field locations for precepting, positions are reserved for UVU clinical sites when requested. 


Items that must be submitted with your application:


  • Statement of Background and Goals:

Applicants must submit a statement of background and goals, typed or legibly written.  Areas to be covered include: 1) Why are you considering the paramedic classes?  2) What are the logical steps in your education and career?  3) Where do you want to practice as a paramedic after training is completed? Do not include a resume or curriculum vitae as a substitute or addendum to this statement or any portion of the application materials.


  • Current drive’s license, Utah EMT Certification, and CPR or BLS certificaions.

  • College Transcripts:

Have each college/university attended send an official transcript to:

UVU Admission’s Office

800 West University Parkway MS 106

Orem, Utah  84058


  • Please attach a copy of all unofficial transcripts. (Required for all applications)


  • In the event you are submitting an application with pending pre-requisites (meaning you are currently enrolled in required course work) Please provide proof of your enrollment and an anticipated completion date.


  • Letters of recommendation

Three letters of recommendation are required.  The letters need to be from individuals such as Physicians, Mid level care providers, RN, paramedics, college instructors, etc. who are familiar with the applicant’s medical experience, skills, college work, study habits, and work performance. These must be in a sealed envelope from the individual. They may be mailed and must be received by the application deadline

Mail to:

UVU Emergency Services

c/o Paramedic Application

Mail Stop FS142 Jeannette German

3131 Mike Jense Parkway

Provo, Utah 84601

Core pre-requisites must be completed prior to application deadline for consideration in first round interviews:


  • Completion of Anatomy and Physiology (transfer credit accepted) with a grade of C or higher: ZOOL 1090 or ZOOL 2320 and 2420 with labs.


  • Completion of  ENGL 1000 with a grade of  C- or higher or testing into ENGL 1005 or higher. Completion of  ENGL 1010 is highly recommended.


  • Completion of  MAT 0950 with a grade of  C- or higher or testing into MAT 1010. Completion of  MAT 1010 is highly recommended


  • Certifications: UTAH EMT and current CPR certification

Your certifications cannot expire while enrolled in the program.


  • Take UVU paramedic entry examination (available at UVU Emergency Services Campus, Provo). Information will be included in your written test invitation. Special consideration may be made for applicants living outside the state of Utah and must be arranged prior to the application deadline.


  • The paramedic entry examination is a written evaluation of the applicant’s medical knowledge, EMT skills, problem solving ability, basic math calculations, medical terminology, anatomy, and physiology along with priority based problem solving. You may use a calculator for this test and the maximum allotted time to complete this test is 1 hour.

  • After your application has been submitted, reviewed, and verification of paramedic program prerequisite completion, you will be invited for an interview. You will be contacted by email with your appointed date and time.
    • First round interviews are granted to applicants who have completed all paramedic program  prerequisites by application deadline.
    • Second round interviews may be granted to applicants upon completion of all paramedic program prerequisite requirements, at the discretion of the Paramedic Program Director.


How to best be considered for admission


o   Preference points are given for field experience, and various forms of medical experience.  Patient contact is preferred and scored accordingly.

o   Grades are important, along with the written entrance exam.

o   Interview can be extremely important as you are allowed to showcase who you are.  Prepare and dress for success.  Please see interview explanation for further detail

o   Letters of reference are contacted by the Faculty of Emergency Services Department.


Once accepted into the paramedic program, you must provide documentation of the following:


o   Must pass criminal background check requirements of UCA 26-8a-310 for certification as a Paramedic in the State of Utah. Applicants cannot have any felony convictions or be on probation.  See also National Registry -


  • Must pass required drug screening


o   Have current vaccinations including; Hepatitis B, MMR, Varicella (proof of two vaccinations), Tdap, proof of 2 Skin TB test OR 1 blood test results (Negative results required), and current flu vaccination.


o        Obtain a current physical examination with permission to participate in the paramedic program signed by qualified health care provider.