Dates to Remember

Paramedic class graduation is annually in April, August and December. Contact Melissa Terpenning for the specific date, time, and location for the next graduation ceremony.

We will make every effort to have your certification cards available for you at that time. 

Required Immunizations

All students must receive the following immunizations.

  • Hepatitis B (Series of three shots)
  • MMR (Series of two shots)
  • Tdap (Must have one within last 10 years). The renewal date will be set for 10 years from the date administered.
  • TB test (two separate TB skin tests). The tests can be done one week apart. Each TB test requires two visits as each test must be read 48-72 hours after it is placed, or one blood test completed. Must be completed within one year of beginning clinical rotations.
  • Varicella (chicken pox). If you had varicella when you were a child, you have to prove it. If you don’t have any documentation about it, you have two options:
    • 1) Get the vaccine
    • 2) Do the Varicella Titer Test
  • Flu vaccination during the flu season 
  • Covid Vaccine/s
  • Physical examination by your physician.

    Current Physical examination. Obtain a current letter signed by a qualified Health Care Provider that you are medically and physically  capable of performing required paramedic tasks, such as:

     -An ability to lift, carry, and balance up to 125 pounds (250 with assistance)

    -An ability to bend, stoop, and crawl on uneven terrain

    -An ability to withstand varied environmental conditions such as extreme heat, cold, and moisture

    - An ability to work in low light, confined spaces, and other dangerous environments

    -A physical examination can be done through your Fire department.


Femal EMT worker posing in front of an ambulance.

National Registry Information

Male EMT worker taking a stethescope off his neck.

Visit the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians and follow the process below. Detailed sign up instructions.

  • Create an account/login profile on this website.
  • Submit a National Registry application and answer all questions truthfully.
  • The National Registry may deny certification or take other appropriate actions in regards to applicants for certification or recertification when a criminal conviction has occurred.
  • Pay the application fee of $160 (US funds). The application fee is non-transferable and non-refundable. This fee is charged for each attempt of the cognitive examination.
  • You will receive an electronic Authorization to Test (ATT) once you are eligible for the exam. The electronic ATT contains scheduling instructions and important details concerning proper identification required at testing centers. You can find the ATT in the 'Check Application Status' page.

Advanced Psychomotor Exam skills sheet