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About the RCA Program

Our Instructors

All RCA instructors are currently working as emergency responders in their communities, meet them here.

Fire Apparatus

Largest fleet of fire academy engines in the region.

Top Facilities

The RCA at UVU utilizes state of the art live fire facilities where students experience what they study.

"The RCA was one of the best experiences I have had on my journey to becoming a firefighter. It was also one of the toughest and most rewarding. The RCA really sets the tone for what you can expect from the fire service and what you should expect from yourself moving forward. To its core, it is a program that is physically and mentally demanding. It provides you with a choice: to crumble under the pressure and call it quits, or to rise above and become a better, more resilient version of yourself. If you stick it out through the program, the RCA will provide you with many opportunities moving forward. The RCA doesn’t just open the doors to furthering your career in the fire service, it provides life long memories, friends, and skills. If you are considering the fire service, look to the RCA. You won’t regret it."

Dillon Ricks, Class 86

Program Requirements

Course Requirements:

  • Must be admitted to UVU
  • Complete pre-requisites of ESFF 1000 and ESFF 1120 with a grade of C- or higher
  • Be NREMT certified or complete an EMT course through UVU or another recognized agency/institution
  • Demonstrate competency in English and Math (by one of the following: ACT, SAT, High School Transcript, College Level courses, degrees, and/or RCA entrance exam.)
  • Be at least 18 years of age before class starts
  • Have any valid form of Government Issued Photo Identification (Driver’s license, State ID or Passport)

Graduation Requirements:

  1. Completion of a minimum of 32 credits.
  2. Overall grade point average of 2.0 (C) or above, with completion of each Emergency Services class with a C- or higher.
  3. Residency hours -- Minimum of 10 credits required through course attendance at UVU.
  4. STATE FIRE CERTIFICATIONS: Upon successful completion of the Basic Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy, students are eligible for State certification at the Firefighter I, Firefighter II, Hazardous Materials Awareness and Hazardous Materials Operations levels through the Utah Fire Service Certification Council.

Complete the following:    Credits
ESFF 1120 Principles of Fire and Emergency Services Safety and Survival 3
ESFF 250A Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy I 8
ESFF 250B Firefighter Recruit Candidate Academy II 8
ESEC 1140 Emergency Medical Technician Basic 9
ESFF 1000 Introduction to Emergency Services 4
  Total Program Credits:  32

RCA Events

Firefighters fighting a fire

Rookie Challenge


Experience whats it's like to be an RCA student for one evening with current RCA students and instructors.

Rookie Challenge Video

Next Rookie Challenge will be held
September 27, 2024

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Female firefighters

All-Female Firefighter Recruit Workshop

Learn what you need to know to be successful from former Academy graduates and female veteran firefighters.

Registration will open in May


Next All-Female Workshop will be held
August 3, 2024

More information

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Engaged learning and hands on training is what we do

Firefighter with children

Student Engagement

RCA students engage with children in their community in grades K-3 with fire and life safety messages. Over 11,000 children have been impacted by these messages.

Firefighter infront of a fire

Live Fire Experience

Our philosophy is that a student who experiences more live fire training is a more confident and capable entry level firefighter.

RCA Gallery

  • Firefighters putting out burn cube
  • Firefighters posing
  • Fire fighters practicing
  • Firefighters fighting a fire
  • Firefighters practicing with firehose
  • Fire Fighter practicing on a fire hydrant
  • UVU RCA FIre Truck putting out a fire
  • UVU RCA Fire Truck
  • Burning freight container
  • RIT Cache
  • Firefighter pants in locker
  • Firefighters putting out a car fire
  • Firefighter closeup
  • Image of UVU '89 firefighters
  • Instructors teaching class
  • Image of SCBA Maze
  • UVU RCA Fire Truck on campus
  • UVU RCA Logo
  • Instructors watching work
  • UVU RCA student working

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