This is a banner announcement for the 2019 Faculty Summer Seminar featuring Dr. Deborah Mower. She will be speaking on Civility in an Outrage Culture.

2018 Ethics Awareness Week

The Center for the Study of Ethics (CSE) promotes and facilitate the interdisciplinary exploration of ethical theory and practice. We administer a variety of programs designed to advance ethics education on our campus, within our region, and in national and international contexts.
The study of ethics is a critical tool in navigating the complexities of public, professional, and personal life. The CSE is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy organization committed to the inclusion of diverse perspectives and practices. 

Areas Of Emphasis

The twisted path of curriculum planning.

Ethics Across the Curriculum

Since 1992, the center has promoted ethics education across a variety of disciplines and through diverse methodologies
A large cargo ship.

Environmental Sustainability

Explores questions related to the human impact on the natural world and the ethical dimensions of environmental stewardship.
Mexican Day of the Dead Souvenirs.


Promotes the academic study of religion through interreligious dialogue and student engagement. These efforts are part of a campus-wide Interreligious Engagement Initiative.
Gyeongbuk Palace, Seoul, South Korea.


Offers students opportunities to understand and engage ethical issues across cultures and ideologies including strategies for global cooperation and peacebuilding.
McLean House in Appomattox Courthouse Virgina.


Advances dialogue and research in the ethical dimensions of democracy, civil discourse, and public policy. These efforts are part of the campus-wide Appomattox Project.

Appomattox Project


The Appomattox Project is a multi-year effort designed to focus on the ethical dimensions of democratic societies, civil discourse, public policy, and the sustainability of shared institutions. The project includes a variety of events and activities including workshops, public lectures, undergraduate research projects, panel discussions, and community engagement. 

As the site that ended the American Civil War, Appomattox Court House has become a symbol of reconciliation and civil discourse. The aim of the project is to engage critical issues in our public life and to explore how ethical principles and practices shape civil society. 

The Appomattox Project