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The mission of the Center for the Study of Ethics (CSE) is to promote and facilitate the interdisciplinary exploration of ethical theory and practice. The center administers a variety of programs designed to advance ethics education at Utah Valley University, within our region and in national and international contexts. The CSE is a non-advocacy organization committed to the inclusion of diverse perspectives and practices.


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   Upcoming Events              2018 Faculty Summer Seminar  

2018 Faculty Summer Seminar

"Things That Matter: Obstacles and Pathways for Ethics in the Real World"

May, 8th - 11th. 
Clarke Building (formerly Classroom Building) CB 510

The Center for the Study of Ethics is pleased to announce the 2018 Ethics Across the Curriculum Faculty Summer Seminar with guest scholars Elaine Englehardt and Michael Pritchard.  

This is a seminar about moral hope. Despite the plethora of moral failures we encounter in commerce, politics and in personal lives, most of these failures are either unnecessary or could be handled more appropriately. Often they do not arise from the deliberate intention to do harm, but from our not thinking carefully or clearly enough about what we are doing. This can take the banal form of blind obedience to some form of institutional or organizational authority, which may be presumed to release us from responsibility for the consequences of our own actions and judgments.

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  In the News                      Trump and Ethics Panel    

Utah rabbis discuss how anti-semitism impacts their congregations
Daily Herald

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Ethics Awareness Week
Lt. Governor Spencer Cox Addresses White Supremacy

In a special session of Ethics Awareness Week, Lt. Governor Spencer Cox addressed the role of public officials in response to white supremacy and other forms of extremist activism.

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"UVU panel tackles Trump and Ethics"

The panel discussed conflict of interest laws, regulations, and practices as they relate to the age of President Donald J. Trump. Topics include disclosure of tax returns, differences between blind trusts and revocable trusts, the “Emoluments Clause” of the Constitution, the lawsuit filed by First Lady Melania Trump, and others.
The panel consist of notable scholars in the area of conflict of interest: Charles A. Cannon, Derek Monson, and Loren Washburn. It was moderated by Associate Director for the Center for the Study of Ethics, Courtney R. Davis.

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