This is an old, abandoned school in rural Utah.

Ethics Awareness Week

Ethics Awareness Week explores the moral dimensions of numerous disciplines and topics through a series of panel discussions and other events.
A Utah aspen grove.

Student Ethics Symposium

Held annually, the Student Ethics Symposium promotes critical and academic inquiry related to ethical issues of all disciplines.
A long row of books in a university book store.

Faculty Summer Seminar

Every May, UVU faculty participate in a five-day EAC Faculty Summer Seminar designed to explore a single interdisciplinary ethics topic.
An assortment of pots.

Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl

UVU provides regional leadership in supporting high school and intercollegiate ethics bowls for our students.
A stack of books with book marks and pencils marking where the reader is studying.

Ethics Faculty Fellowship

The CSE Ethics Faculty Fellowship Programs are designed to facilitate faculty inquiry and scholarship in interdisciplinary ethics.