In the spring of 2018, Franz Sedelmayer spoke at UVU and presented excerpts from his  memoir “Welcome to Putingrad”, highlighting the case he won against President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation.

On April 6, Sedelmayer made his “Return to Putingrad” for a virtual lecture and where he offered his perspective on Putin’s answer to the Navalny “problem”. Alexei Navalny returned to Russia this January after recuperating in Germany from being poisoned with a suspected nerve agent. The Kremlin has denied involvement. Navalny, one of Putin’s most prominent critics, has recently been jailed for parole violations and is now in a corrective penal colony about 60 east of Moscow.

UVU professor of Integrated Studies & Russian, Dr. Frederick H. White, teaches a course on Russian political structures with a focus on Putin’s rise to power and co-presented the event with Mr. Sedelmayer.