International Travel Registration

*Insurance costs have been increased by our provider, click here for more information

Faculty/Staff Travel | Student Travel

International Travel Guidelines

  • All travel requirements must be completed at least 4 WEEKS prior to departure. Last minute registration(s) may not be processed on time and may impact  travel plans. 
  • All UVU faculty, staff and students who travel abroad on bona-fide university business are required to register their travel plans through Concur. To ensure the safety of individuals, University policy requires travel registration and insurance through the Office for Global Engagement.
  • All approvals for international travel will be tentative and subject to reversal at any time.It is critical that University departments and employees planning international trips submit a travel request in Concur, and receive full approval of that travel request, before making any travel arrangements. 
  • University Policy follows U.S Department of State and CDC International Travel Advisories.
    • Travel to countries listed as Level 4  on either the U.S Department of State or CDC websites, will not be approved.
    • High Risk Travel Waiver is required for travel to countries listed as Level 3 
    • Be aware that travelers must comply with entry requirements issued by the foreign governments.
  • Departments and/or individual travelers (faculty/staff/students) are responsible for all non-recoverable costs of cancelled programs. Travelers must comply with the requirements established in all University policies, including policies 142251, & 252.
  • Passports should have at least six months of validity when traveling internationally.  Apply for Passport Here
  • Purchase of airfare via Christofferson Trave is recommended but not required.
  • Concur will only be approved after the funds to cover International Travel Insurance are collected.

Faculty/Staff travel documents without students

  1. Submit a travel request in Concur (accessible through Request must reach the Office for Global Engagement at least 4 weeks before departure. 
  2. Complete the Faculty/Staff International Travel Registration (online form).
  3. Complete the Assumption of Risk & Release (online form).
  4. Complete the Export Control (online form). Complete Export Control Training every two years.
  5. Complete the High Risk Travel Waiver (Online Form). Required for travel to Level 3 countries.
  6. International Health and Evacuation Insurance: See below
  7. Register travel plans through the U.S. Department of State’s Smart Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) 
  8. Any contracts and/or agreements that require a signature must go through a review by the Global Legal Advisory Board.

Faculty/Staff traveling with students

Faculty will complete the same information as above and must provide the Office for Global Engagement with a banner index to cover the international travel registration fee and international travel insurance. These fees will be sent to the account holder of the banner index for payment via a banner billing request.

We will also need a list of the students travel along with their UVID's and a contact email address as we will send them the links to the documents they need to complete in order to be compliant with UVU travel policy.

All correspondence about international travel needs to be sent to the email address.

Non-UVU Participants

UVU Faculty/Staff program directors are responsible for providing the Office for Global Engagement (GEO) with lists of any non-UVU participants (including accompanying adults and minors and/or members of the community) travelling on UVU programs. GEO will approve non-UVU participants according to UVU policy 252. The program director will receive an email from with instructions for registration and payment.

Approved Non-UVU participants must complete the following:

  1. Sign & submit the Assumption of Risk & Release. Minors under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian sign the Assumption of Risk & Release for Minors form.
  2. Complete the High Risk Travel Waiver (For travel to Level 3 countries)
  3. International Health and Evacuation Insurance: Non-UVU participants will receive an email from Customer Service from UVU's insurance provider, GeoBlue, that instructs them to register using a Certificate Number provided in the email so that they can print out an insurance ID card.

International Travel Insurance information and costs (Required for all travelers)

All travelers, and approved accompanying adults / minors, are required to be covered by UVU's international insurance provider GeoBlue. The cost of the insurance, for all UVU Faculty/Staff/Students, will be billed to the banner index provided in the International Travel Registration. Accompanying Adults/Guests will be charged separately and will be sent an email with the information on how to pay for the insurance.

The updated costs of the insurance is listed below.

Cost of insurance:

  • Employee (Faculty/Staff): $25 per week or $70 per month.
  • UVU Students: $25 per week or $70 per month.
  • Accompanying Adult/Guests: $45 per week or $150 per month.

Once insurance has been paid for and processed, the traveler(s) will receive an email from Customer Service from UVU's insurance provider, GeoBlue, that instructs you to register using a Certificate Number provided in the email so that you can print out an insurance ID card. 

Faculty/Staff traveling with students must provide a Banner Index to cover the cost of the International Travel Registration ($25) and International Insurance (See above).  The total of these costs will be billed before travel is set to begin.

Any approved traveler who is a minor, must be traveling with an accomanying adult who is not a program director.

Please email for additional information.