Hermanos Ayar Utah


On Wednesday, June 28 at 7:00 pm in the UVU Grand Ballroom, the Office for Global Engagement, in conjunction with the Honorary Consulate of Peru in Utah, the Municipalities of Paccaritambo and Zurite in Peru, are sponsoring a performance of the legend of the founding of the Inca Empire. Founding of the Tawantinsuyo by the Ayar Brother and the Patapata Turpuy Raymi. This event will include a retelling of the legend of Ayar Brothers and dances typical to Peru.
Long time ago over the Pacaritambo Mountain, four young men and for young women emerged from a mountain in Cusco, Peru. Ayar Manco and his wife Mama Ocllo, Ayar Cachi and his wife Mama Cora, Ayar Uchu and his wife Mama Rahua and finally Ayar Auca and his wife Mama Huaco.
They were the sons and daughters of the god Wiracocha.  Ayar Cachi was the strongest of all, he was so strong that every time he threw rocks with his slingshot, the rocks knocked down mountains or reached the highest part of the sky and made it rain and thunder.
The other three brothers were very jealous of his power and decided to leave Ayar Cachi so they tricked him into going into a cave to search for food and trapped him with a giant stone. Legend says that his brother’s betrayal made Ayar Cachi so mad that his screams made the earth tremble and the skies shiver.The other brothers continued their quest, eventually arriving at Huanacaure Mountain where they found a stone idol. Ayar Uchu decided to destroy it but as soon as he touched it he was turned into stone.
The remaining brothers knew they had an important mission so they couldn’t stop to grieve. Ayar Auca miraculously grew wings and flew away hoping to find the place they were so desperately looking for in order to establish the Inca Empire. He flew over a place called “Pampa del Sol” and decided to explore it. As soon as he landed he also was turned into stone. There was only one brother left, Ayar Manco. He was the one that received the honor and responsibility of leading the foundation of the Inca Empire. He arrived to the city of Cusco, sunk his golden stick into the ground, and started to build the new Inca civilization and empire.
The event is free and open to the public and will also be livestreamed. Incan culture and traditions will on display in the commons area of the Grand Ballroom at 6:00 pm.
Parking is available at the Parking Garage for $1 per hour. Seemap for additional information.