J-1 Fee for Non-Immigrant

 This form is used to pay the fee to support the F, M, and J nonimmigrant reporting system authorized by Public Law 104 -208, Subtitle D, Section 641. If you are subject to this fee and do not pay it, you will not be issued an F, M or J nonimmigrant visa to be admitted to the United States. If you are in the United States and apply for a change of status, you are subject to thus fee. If you do not pay it, your application will not be processed.  



Fee payment is required if the applicant is:

  • An Alien seeking an F-1, F-3, J-1, M-1 or M-3 visa from an embassy or consulate abroad for initial attendance at a school approved by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or for initial participation in an exchange visitor program designated by the Department of State (DOS).


Fee payment is not required if applicant is:

  •  An F-2, J-2 or M-2 dependent.


Documents needed to fill out this form:

  • J-1: Form DS-2019 (Certificate of Eligibility for Exchange Visitor |J-1| Status) issued to you by the designated exchange visitor program which you will participate.



  1. This form must be completed in English.
  2. All item numbers must be filled in.
  3. Enter your name exactly as it appears on your form DS-2019.
  4. Enter the street address to where your payment receipt should be sent.



You may complete the Form I-901 online. The form and payment may then be submitted as explained below. Alternately, online payment may be made using a credit card. The online form is available at  www.FMJfee.com the receipt MUST be printed rom the online method, thus eliminating the wait for your payment receipt.