Office for Global Engagement Photo Gallery

1st Academic Conference on the Sustainable Development Goals - October 2022

Larry 1

Larry 2

Baldomero Lago

UVU President

Larry Cespooch - Ute Spiritual Leader, Filmmaker, Storyteller

Land Acknowledgment by Larry Cespooch

Baldomero Lago – UVU Chief International Officer

Dr. Astrid Tuminez – President of Utah Valley University

Audience 1

Audience 2

Audience 3

Audience 4

Ragan Theater 1 Ragan Theater 2 Ragan Theater 3 Ragan Theater 4





Mr. Robb Skinner – United Nations Video message: UN-USG Melissa Fleming Hon. Franz Kolb – State of Utah Governor’s Office Bishop Todd Budge – Presiding Bishopric The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
Dance 1 Dance 2 Lauren Taylor Ramu
Dance Ensemble 1 Dance Ensemble 2 Ms. Lauren Taylor – Youth Representative Mr. Ramu Damodaran – WIM Conference Executive Board Member

United Nations Civil Society Conference - August 2019 

 Baldomero Plenary

Baldomero Lago - Plenary

Thematic Session

Thematic Session

UNCSC - Office for Global Engagement

Office for Global Engagement

Baldomero Lago and Ryan Koch

Baldomero Lago and Ryan Koch

UNCSC - Rotary Club

Rotary Club

UNCSC - Ssjinja

Ssejinja Childrens Fund



Executive Education

Executive Education

UNCSC - Main Hall

Main Hall

UNCSC - Jackie Biskupski

SDG's with Jackie Biskupski



UNCSC - Volunteer


Workshop 1

Workshop 1

CNCSC - Workshop 2

Workshop 2

Workshop 3

Workshop 3


UVU | United Nations NGO Conference - October 2018


Sustainable Development Goals

Baldomero Lago

Baldomero Lago

Jeff Brez

Jeff Brez

Felipe Quiepo

Felipe Quiepo

Sam Elzinga

UVU Student Sam Elzinga President, UIMF

Jennifer Hogge

Jennifer Hogge - Engage Africa Now

Rebekah Ellsworth

Rebekah Ellsworth - Globus Relief

Lonny Ward

Lonny Ward - Choice Humanitarian

Ryan Koch

Ryan Koch LDS Charities

Jackie Biskupski

Jackie Biskupski  Mayor, Salt Lake City

Astrid Tuminez

Astrid Tuminez President, UVU

Carolina Allen

Carolina Allen Big Ocean Women


UVU Student Ludovica Gusta from Ludonation


NGO displays

Ssenjinja Children's Foundation

Ssenjinja Children's Foundation

LDS Charities, UN, UVU Student

Ryan Koch, Felipe Quiepo, UVU student


Commission on the Status of Women - March 2018

CSW62 Side Event Photos    
CSW62 side event 1 CSW62 Side Event2 CSW62 side event 3
CSW62 Parallel Event Photos    
CSW Parallel Event 1 CSW62 Parallel Event 2 CSW62 Parallel Event 3
CSW62 Visits to Department for Public Information (DPI) and Food and Agriculture       
CSW62 DPI visit CSW62 DPI Visit CSW62 FAO visit 1
CSW62 FAO Visit 2