International Travel Medical Insurance

As per UVU’s Policies regarding International Travel  (142, 251, & 252, ), all UVU faculty, staff and students who travel internationally on university business are required to enroll in GeoBlue Travel Insurance. All non-UVU personnel on UVU-sponsored international programs are also required to enroll in GeoBlue

UVU personnel participating in non-UVU-sponsored international activities should consult with the sponsoring institution/organization about acquiring international insurance. Many institutions require enrollment in their plan. 

Campus policy requires all faculty, staff, and students purchase international insurance from UVU's insurance provider, even if they have their own insurance or the program they travel on provides insurance.

Cost of insurance:

  • Employee (Faculty/Staff): $25 per week or $70 per month.
  • UVU Students: $25 per week or $70 per month.
  • Accompanying Adult/Guests: $45 per week or $150 per month.

GeoBlue Worldwide Insurance covers the following:

  • Up to $100,000 in medical coverage, including emergency and InstaCare, as well as prescriptions.
  • Emergency evacuation, in the event of natural disaster or civil unrest.
  • Death and dismemberment. 

If you are faculty or staff traveling without students:

  • A request for information to enroll in GeoBlue will be sent to you once your travel request in Concur reaches The Office for Global Engagement.

If you are faculty or staff traveling with students:

  • Information required for student enrollment is included in the student International Travel Registration form.
  • Cost for insurance may be billed to a department index for your group.
  • Individual information for yourself and any accompanying adults (UVU faculty/staff or otherwise) will be collected individually.

If you are a student traveling on a UVU faculty-led study abroad program:

  • Your insurance information and cost is included in your application and program fees. You are automatically enrolled in a group plan. No additional steps need to be taken.
  • Enrollments are completed approx. 4 weeks prior to departure.
  • Questions about insurance need to be directed to [email protected] 

For all other travel, including but not limited to non-credit-bearing programs, research trips, conferences, etc:

  • Submit the Student Travel Abroad Registration Form and Contact The Office for Global Engagement.


Once you are enrolled, you will receive an email directly from GeoBlue prompting you to create an account or login. This will give you access to your insurance ID card as well as the insurance policy. 


GeoBlue Website for participants:

Additional questions regarding GeoBue Worldwide Travel Insurance must be directed toward the Office for Global Engagement:

[email protected]