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What is the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund?

As a legacy program of the 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference hosted by Salt Lake City in 2019, the vision of the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund (GLSF) is to engage Utah's youth in global conversations and to aid in their ability to act on the theme of the conference "Building Inclusive and Sustainable Global Cities and Communities."

This is done by providing travel scholarships to youth, where selected recipients will travel in cohorts to international events in the United States and around the world, representing Utah and addressing the global challenges we face.

To meet the minimum qualifications to apply, youth must be between the ages of 18-32, be in college or in the process of attending college, and can establish they do not have the financial means to travel to events in the United States or around the world.

Qualities of a scholarship recipient demonstrate leadership potential, a connection to the broader community through volunteerism and service, a passion to improve one's community, and can establish a long-term vision of how receiving a scholarship from GLSF will have a positive impact on one's life. Due to COVID-19, events have not yet been identified.

Sustainable Development Goals with people

Why the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund?

The global reach of the scholarship fund makes it one of the most important international affairs opportunities for youth in the State of Utah. The Global Leaders Scholarship Fund's vision is to deepen one’s understanding of global affairs and the role one can play in the global community. Today’s youth are our best hope for creating an equitable, inclusive, and sustainable society for all to live. To qualify for a scholarship, you must meet the financial need requirements.

Scholarship Qualifications

To qualify for the Global Leaders Scholarship (GLSF), you must:

  • Be 18-32 years of age during the 2020 2021 academic school year.
  • Live in Utah at the time of travel.
  • Able to travel within the United States or internationally.
  • Attend a college or university or be in the process of applying to a college or university in the state of Utah. (Some exceptions to this requirement may be considered on a case-by-case basis.)
  • Establish a financial need to attend the event. (Must demonstrate household income is less than 200% of the FPL)



Please direct any questions to Deaun Saxby at

Global Leaders Scholarship Fund Selection Committee

Jackie Biskupski Committee Chair, Former Salt Lake City Mayor

Chris Redgrave Committee Co-Chair, Former Executive of Zions Bank, Small Business Advocate

Mario Organista Committee Secretary, PACE Advisor at Salt Lake Community College

Rodmehr Tivon Semnani Committee Treasurer

Annie Leither VicePresident of Sponsorships at Zions Bank

Avais Ahmed Managing Director Utah Muslim Civic League

Dr. Baldomero Lago Chief International Officer, Utah Valley University

Valeri Wilde Attorney in Salt Lake City

Vlada Yaremenko Business Development Analyst at EDCUtah

UN Civil Society Conference

The 68th United Nations Civil Society Conference Legacy

To continue the legacy of the United Nations 68th Civil Society Conference, Finance Chair Chris Redgrave and Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski allocated funds in support of youth as global leaders and established the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund.Today, Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy is honored to oversee the Global Leaders Scholarship Fund as an official program that promotes respect and understanding between the people of Utah and other nations.

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