Graduate Student Resources

Where do I get a map of the campus?

Here is a link to the Orem Campus Map, which you can download.

Where do I get my photo student identification card?

You get your student photo identification card at Campus Connections, which is located in SC 106f.

What parking is available for students?

Parking information and permits can be obtained at Parking Services, which is located at 936 S 400 W, Orem, Utah 84058.

Who can I contact regarding general admissions, registration, tuition payment, financial aid, graduation, and transfer credit questions?

Many of these types of questions can be answered at registration, which is located in BA 106.

What student health services are available on campus?

Student Health Center is dedicated to assisting students in their educational pursuits, by maintaining their health, during their college experience. We are a team of professionals ranging from Doctors, Licensed Nurse Practitioners, a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, Medical Assistants, Licensed Personal Counselors, Psychologists, Personal Trainers, as well as other well-qualified staff. The student health center is located at SC 221, and its phone number is 801.863.8876.

How can the Ombuds Office help me resolve problems?

As UVU maintains an Ombuds Office under the direction of the Associated Students’ Organization. The Ombuds is appointed each academic year by a Student Government appointing committee, chaired by the Student Body President.

  1. The University hereby recognizes the establishment of the Associated Students of Utah Valley University Ombuds Office. The Ombuds Office will address current issues and personal problems facing UVU student
  2. The Ombuds will assist students in finding solutions to issues and problems facing currently enrolled UVU students. These issues and problems may include issues between:
    1. Students
    2. Student and Faculty
    3. Student and Landlord
    4. Student and University, including policy issues
  3. The Ombuds will not engage in any adversarial relationship with any party. A position of neutrality will guide the Ombuds’ efforts. The Ombuds will provide all evidence of wrongdoing or evidence of unjust policies and procedures, if any, in an effort to bring about an equitable solution between the parties and in order to set a precedent for similar issues in the future.
  4. The Ombuds is appointed and supported by ASUVU and is not an employee of the University. With the approval and financial support of ASUVU, the Ombuds may obtain legal advice, but may not retain legal counsel for any student.

What resources are available to help me find internships and employment after graduation?

The Career Development Center has resources to help you find internships and employment opportunities and to develop your career skills. They can assist in preparing your job search documents.

What type of accessibility services are available to students?

The Accessibility Services Department is committed to helping students with disabilities receive reasonable accommodations during their college experience at UVU. They provide a variety of services, software and equipment for students with a wide range of disabilities. Visit them to see how they can help you achieve your best!

What resources are available to help me prepare for graduate admission tests such as the GRE, GMAT, MCAT, or LSAT?

The graduate studies website contains information about the graduate admissions tests and test preparation options:

Graduate Admissions Tests Information