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To all students interested in history:

Crescat Scientia exists to promote student engagement with history. The journal accepts submissions each year from UVU students.  We are pleased to announce our editor for 2022-2023, Bethany Pineda. 

You can reach the journal by emailing faculty advisor Keith Snedegar at And may knowledge grow!

Keith Snedegar

Faculty Advisor


Submission Guidelines


Join our Staff

Are you interested in joining the Crescat staff? Crescat is always looking for copy editors, typesetters, managing editors, technical editors to build a cohesive team. Working on Crescat is a valuable experience for those planning to apply to graduate school or to get involved in publication, as well as a great opportunity to continue thinking about the past and its historical significance today. Email faculty advisor Keith Snedegar at for more information.

Submission Guidelines

Crescat Scientia, the Utah Valley University journal of history, is a student-run organization with the purpose of promoting scholarship in the study of history. Staffed and managed entirely by students, the journal is supported by the Department of History and Political Science, the College of Humanities, and Social Sciences, as well as the President's office at UVU.

The journal is an undergraduate publication with the aim of providing a forum for students of history to share research and encourage active pursuit of quality academic scholarship. Students who have questions about the journal, or those wishing to make a contribution (i.e. filling staff positions or submitting a manuscript for review), should contact faculty advisor Keith Snedegar at with the subject line of JOURNAL SUBMISSION.

General Guidelines for Submission

Manuscripts submitted for publication must be submitted by the due date chosen by the Editorial Board for a given year.

Works submitted must be thematically concentrated in the discipline of history and political science. Papers submitted for review may be those written for a class taken at UVU. Although several works may be submitted by an author, only one paper can be published per issue. Length of submissions may be anywhere between 5 and 20 pages (body) and must not have previously been published. No member of the journal staff may submit a manuscript for publication in the issue on which they will work.

The selection process is conducted by the Editor-In-Chief and the Editorial Board. The editorial staff will review all submissions and select the best manuscripts to be published.

Specific Requirements

1. Please submit a complete version of the paper including a cover sheet, with desired alterations already made (papers should be typed and double-spaced). Editors will check for spelling errors and layout problems.

 2. Submissions must be written in accordance with the Chicago Manual of Style (see Style Guide for specific requirements). If you have questions about a possible submission, please contact one of the staff for assistance.

 3. The cover sheet should have a running head, your name, and email address we can use to contact you.

 4. The body of your manuscript must have no identifying markers, which may reveal the author (i.e. name, class, professor, etc). The editorial board will review all submissions without knowing who submitted the manuscript. Before manuscript review, the cover sheet will be removed.

 5. Submit your manuscript as an email attachment to faculty advisor Keith Snedegar at Only electronically submitted papers in Microsoft Word formats will be considered. The UVU computer labs have Microsoft Word software available for use throughout the year.

 6. Also to be submitted as an email attachment along with your manuscript, should be a list of biographical information about yourself (300 words or less). Such as: what degree you are working toward, previous degrees received, what your future plans are (graduate school, work, etc.), other areas of personal interest, etc.

 7. If your paper contains illustrations, charts, photographs, etc please submit these files in JPEG or PDF formats in addition to your manuscript in case of a problem.

 8. We reserve the right to return the manuscript to the author if all requirements are not met upon submission.

 9. We reserve the right to edit any manuscripts submitted to us for publication.