As a faculty or staff member at Utah Valley University, we are all a critical component of "I CHOOSE TO RETAIN," a retention initiative underway at UVU. As the name suggests, each of us has a choice in whether or not we participate in suggested retention activities that can so dramatically impact student success.

To support and strengthen UVU campus personnel in this role, our office provides a variety of retention tools and programs. We strongly encourage you to use them and do your part to promote and support student success at UVU. After all, retention is everyone's job!


Help us, help students

Our tools make it easier for faculty and advisors to quickly and intentionally reach out to students before it’s too late to get back on track to successfully complete and persist.

Early Alert

Allows instructors to identify students who are struggling academically or not attending class regularly.

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3-Week Project

Activities that faculty can do during the first three weeks of the semester to greatly enhance your student's chances for success.

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Midterm Grades

Faculty who teach freshman courses (and courses that have a high failure rate) should provide and post a mid-term grade.

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Student Retention Dashboard

Student data can guide a range of decisions made by both First-Year Experience & Student Retention.

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Leave of Absence

A program for students who may need to take some time away from their studies for reasons such as serving a religious or humanitarian mission, military service, medical reasons, etc.

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Faculty Recommendations

A committee comprised of faculty members representing each of UVU's colleges and schools.

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Student Success Series

Educates and engages UVU faculty and staff in best practices for first-year students and at-risk student populations.

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Dean's List

Learn about the Dean's List and view students who have been awarded this honor.

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15 to Finish

A program designed to help make students aware of the benefits of taking 15 credits each semester and making a plan to graduate in four years.

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Resilience Project

UVU students, alumni, staff and faculty share their stories of persistence and resilience despite hardship during their education journey. The project is a video library of their stories.

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Annual Report

Our First-year Experience & Student Retention programs reach out and support students from their first year all the way through to graduation. This report highlights our impact on thousands of UVU students in the past year.

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Completion Grants

UVU completion grants aim to reduce financial barriers and provide additional support to help our near completers and returning students finish strong.

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Student Advocates

Great awards for great people.

The Student Advocate Award is given annually to one faculty member and one staff member who have demonstrated outstanding commitment to student success.

Portrait of Carrie Ashcraft

Carrie Ashcraft

Outstanding Faculty Advocate

As a lecturer, Carrie has a very heavy teaching load, but that hasn't stopped her from going above and beyond in creating a successful environment for students working on their edTPA teacher performance assessment. This is a very detailed and time consuming process that students must complete in order to graduate and be recommended for licensure. In order to be successful, they need a great deal of mentoring. Carrie has created a series of workshops, outside of class time, for students to receive mentoring and spends countless hours helping students through this process. Since creating these workshops, and under her tutelage, over 85% of students are passing the edTPA with a passing score the first time. It cannot be emphasized enough how vital her work is to the success, retention, and graduation of our students. She has made a difficult process not only manageable, but a positive experience for our students.

Portrait of Doug Watson

Doug Watson

Outstanding Staff Advocate

Doug has made huge strides to enhance UVU's pre-professional services and largely this is because of how hard he works to advocate for our students and their success. Doug epitomizes the concept of student advocacy. He opens doors for UVU's students, especially those who would likely have no chance of reaching their dreams without his support, connections, and resources. Here's an example from one of his students, "I have had tons of great experiences with faculty at UVU and have loved my time here. However, the best person that I have worked for would be Doug Watson. He was amazing and extremely willing to work with each and every student that comes into his office or sends him an email."