What We Do

The Office of General Counsel promotes a legally compliant, ethical, and safe environment by coordinating and providing timely and expert legal services, thereby minimizing risks and costs, reducing litigation, and ultimately advancing the University’s mission of student success.

OGC provides legal advice and representation to Utah Valley University, to its constituent units, to its trustees, officers, and employees while acting on the university's behalf, and to the UVU Foundation. We do not represent employees on matters that are personal to those employees, and we do not provide legal advice to students except when those students are UVUSA leaders and acting in those capacities.

We provide advice and counsel on all matters having legal significance for the University. Following is a partial list of the services we provide:

  1. Coordinate all legal services for UVU, including liaising with the Utah Office of the Attorney General and approved outside counsel.
  2. Analyze and advise on the legal implications of policy and other decisions under applicable law, regulations, and policies.
  3. Engage in various activities to prevent legal claims against UVU.
  4. Manage litigation matters and administrative proceedings and provide legal representation to administration and hearing panels during internal hearings.
  5. Oversee UVU’s compliance program and provide legal counsel to compliance partners and subject matter experts.
  6. Conduct and participate in training sessions and department-specific presentations on selected legal topics.

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