The Higher Education Academy (HEA) is an international, non-profit organization that promotes teaching excellence in higher education. HEA is a subsidiary of UK-based Advance HE. There are more than 130,000 HEA fellows in the world. UVU is the first American institution to be accredited by the HEA to offer fellowship recognition to faculty, administrators, and staff supporting learning. Fellowships are earned through written reflection and interaction with an HEA Mentor to demonstrate how one’s teaching/supporting learning practices fulfill the dimensions of the UK Professional Standards Framework (PSF). The PSF is the heart of the Higher Education Academy fellowship recognition program. This internationally recognized articulation of the necessary actions, values, and knowledge to effective teaching/supporting learning provides the framework for peer dialogue and personal reflection of practices.

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Who are our HEA fellows?

How Do I Become an Advance HE Fellow? 

HEA fellowships provide external validation of teaching excellence, nurture reflection about your teaching practice to enhance student learning, and usher you into a global learning community. HEA fellowship enhances your teaching portfolio. There are two main paths to fellowship, either through the “Accredited Path” which is managed by UVU or through “Direct Application” to Advance HE. The paths are determined by the category of fellowship you seek and there are four categories of fellowship. 

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Apply for HEA Fellowship

Important Dates
(Assessment Cycles for Accredited Routes)





Deadline for submissions

Early Nov


Early July

Distribution of submissions to assessors


 End Mar Mid-July

Initial judgments reported to Coordinator

End Nov

 Early Apr End July


Early Dec

 Mid-Apr 1st week Aug

Assessment Panel

2nd week Dec

 End Apr 2nd week Aug


3rd week Dec

 1st week May 3rd week Aug


How Do I Learn More?

If you are interested in working toward HEA fellowship, complete the online tool to help you decide which Fellowship category is appropriate. Participate in Teaching Excellence Program workshops. Contact the office of Teaching and Learning at for more information.

HEA Mentors

Applicants are supported by HEA Mentors who are qualified HEA fellows. The mentor will guide the applicant through the fellowship writing process through dialogue and, if desired by applicant, review of teaching and/or curriculum. Applicants are encouraged to involve the mentor in reviewing a draft of the fellowship application to ensure it properly evidences PSF criteria at the level of rigor inherent in the sought-after category of fellowship.

You can request an HEA Mentor to support you in the fellowship writing process by completing the form below.

HEA Mentor Request