Enabling the enhancement of teaching and learning practice across the institution through meaningful faculty development opportunities, support for high-quality course design, and assistance for learning technologies.

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OTL Faculty Development Associates

Anton Tolman

Professor - Behavioral Science

I have been at UVU since 2006 and served as the Director of the former Faculty Center for Teaching Excellence for almost 7 years. I have also served on the General Ed committee, Advisory Board for Open Educational Resources, and helped to launch the Scholarly and Creative Undergraduate Learning Partnership Team (SCULPT) on campus.

Currently I teach all of my Psychology courses online. I enjoy supporting faculty with course design, online teaching, collaborative learning, assessment, promoting meta- cognition and critical thinking skills and HEA recognition. I am fascinated by student resistance to learning, team-based learning, and metacognition.

You can reach me at anton.tolman@uvu.edu or call or text at 801-921-0262.

Denise Richards

Associate Professor - Student Leadership and Success Studies

I have been teaching personal leadership courses since 2002 here at UVU. I am passionate about helping students find their voice so that they can achieve their academic goals.

I have been a department chair, an RTP Committee chair, designed curriculum, developed online and hybrid courses, and worked extensively with adjuncts and their teaching practice. I am always interested in exploring ways for students to experience transformative learning.

It is energizing to work one-on-one with faculty colleagues! My email is: denise.richards@uvu.edu