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Student demonstrating shock equipment

The Fall 2019 UVU Fall Showcase was held on 15 Oct.  The Showcase Planning Committee was comprised 10 UVU faculty who regularly met and collaborated over nine months on how to best organize the Showcase*. This year’s Showcase represented some of the highest quality inquiry-based scholarship from UVU students, mentored by their UVU faculty.

In the Fulton Library, seven literary readings were made by student authors. In the Lockhart Dance Studio there were four exceptional dance performances/presentations. In the Science Building Atrium two full Poster Symposia were held. Matt Hassara and his student support team rolled the UVU Mazda Miatta race car into the SB Atrium where student researchers presented two unique presentations on their performance research. Another team of students presented a robotic manufacturing quality control machine they developed and another presented a LASER refractory instrument they had used in their inquiry.  

Hundreds of attending students, faculty, & staff stopped by to listen and ask questions during the Poster Symposia portion of this Showcase.  There were many diverse presentation and learning opportunities including: 37 posters (125 student presenters who worked with nearly 50 faculty); and two visual arts displays.  During the  Showcase over 30 faculty volunteered to judge the students' work and multiple prizes were awarded.  

Beyond the event, other scholarly opportunities have taken place relating to these undergraduate research efforts including: 19 faculty-submitted articles to the UVU/Berkley Scholars Open Archive; 19 student posters to the Fulton Library Digital Collection; seven literary pieces published in UVU’s Essais journal; and one exclusive invitation for UVU to race in the Laguna Seca, 2020 competition.

Many of these student-faculty research posters have already been submitted to the upcomingUCUR (which will be on Feb. 7, 2020 at USU embed this link http://ucur.org/ ). A few may even submit to and attend the NCUR Conf. at Montana State-Bozeman 26-28 March, 2020; or have or will submit to local or national professional conferences. The Showcase culminated in a keynote address by Cydni Tetro who instructed faculty and students on “best practices” for effective outcomes by collaborating in teams and committees.  

The Fall 2020 UVU Showcase Planning Committee invites current SCULPT members and other faculty to join in the planning efforts for the next event.  Please email Ron Hammond if interested ronh@uvu.edu  


*The Showcase was sponsored by the UVU Offices of: Academic Affairs; Office of Teaching and Learning; Entrepreneur Institute; and Engaged Learning.

Student presenting to professors and students with car tires on a table

Female dancer and male dancer perform in dance studio