Risk Waiver Information

Many departments, student organizations, and groups at UVU implement waiver forms prior to an activity or event. Waivers inform participants of potential risks involved with an activity and allow an individual to choose to incur those risks.

The waiver form for adults is entitled Activity Participation Agreement, Spanish Activity Participation Agreement, and the form to be used with minors is entitled Activity Participation Agreement for Minors , Spanish Activity Participation Agreement for Minors (previously known as an Informed Consent).

Each department and organization on campus should frequently review its activities and implement the use of the forms. Waivers signed by adults should be maintained for four years, and waivers signed on behalf of minors should be maintained until four years after the minor turns 18 years of age. Please note that a guardian must read, review, and sign the form on behalf of a minor.

After waivers are signed and the activity/event has been completed, please scan the forms into a single PDF and email the documents to riskmanagement@uvu.edu.