UVU Journal Publication

Journals within UVU or with UVU involvement

UVU has a number of journals that operate either within UVU or in the larger community with UVU involvement. These include, in alphabetical order:

Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series

Managing editor: Dr. Joe Jensen
Since 1988 the non-profit Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP) has published the renowned Conference Series as part of its century-old mission to provide resources for astronomers and advance the science of astronomy. Electronic access is available for all Conference Series titles and articles.

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Crescat Scientia Journal of History

Crescat Scientia exists to promote student engagement with history.
Lead: Sydney Young

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Essais is UVU’s premier student publication for scholarly endeavors in critical literary analysis and literary theory. The journal also publishes work that engages with film, religious texts, new media, and other cultural artifacts.Essais means “efforts,” or “endeavors” in French, and this is the only journal at UVU devoted to publishing students’ rigorous forays into this notoriously complex and exciting academic terrain.

As with the other publications sponsored by the Department of English and Literature, the Essais staff is comprised entirely of current UVU student volunteers.

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Foundations Journal of Constitutional Scholarship

Foundations is an undergraduate publication that provides a forum for students to publish scholarship on Constitutional Studies, broadly conceived. The journal is modeled after the prestigious publications of successful graduate programs, designed to expose students—both those submitting and those on the staff—to the rigorous and exacting process of academic publication in a graduate environment. Only the highest quality undergraduate work is accepted and published in Foundations.
The faculty advisor and the editorial staff, composed of undergraduate students, are committed to providing students with a distinctly academic venue for advancing the research, formal study, and public understanding of constitutional topics. Those involved in the production of Foundations are dedicated to preparing undergraduate students for law school and other related graduate programs through promoting constitutional order and sensible notions of liberty, providing opportunities for meaningful expansion beyond the classroom, and elevating students’ standards of academic work.

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Journal of Business Inquiry

Editor in chief: Amir Kia
The Journal of Business Inquiry (JBI) is an open access, blind peer-reviewed journal that provides a forum for scholarly research in economics and finance that is applicable to business and related public policy issues. Papers from other related macro and micro fields impinging on business and policy towards business are also welcome. These include accounting, applied economics and finance, decision theory, management and marketing.

JBI is a JEL classified journal. This classification provides an important stamp of approval on the journal and allows greater accessibility to its articles through the American Economic Association's Journal of Economic Literature program search system. JBI is also listed in the Cabell’s Directory of Publishing Opportunities in Management.
The Journal is published by the Woodbury School of Business of Utah Valley University (UVU).

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Warp and Weave

Warp and Weave is UVU’s premier publication for science fiction, fantasy, horror, and other speculative fiction. As with the other student publications sponsored by the English and Literature Department, Warp and Weave’s editorial staff is comprised entirely of current UVU student volunteers.
Warp and Weave publishes original short fiction, poetry, and artwork by UVU students and by other contributors from UVU’s extended community and network. The journal also offers an annual award to authors for the best piece published.

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Intersections is a student journal sponsored by UVU's Integrated Studies Department which provides exemplary students from multiple disciplines the opportunity to publish in a peer-edited journal. Intersections is written, edited, and designed by UVU students and published each Fall and Spring semester.


Journal of Student Leadership

Description: An academic journal of student essays and papers addressing issues of student leadership and development Motto: "Student leaders today. World leaders tomorrow." Purposes - Highlight student excellence in leadership - Develop writers and students - Prepare students for graduate school or professional life - Contribute to the scholarship on leadership

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Touchstones is UVU’s premier publication for poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, drama, and visual art. As with the other student publications sponsored by the English and Literature Department, Touchstone’s editorial staff is comprised entirely of current UVU student volunteers.

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Sophia is journal for philosophy and humanities students]

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Foundation Today

Lead: Nancy Smith
A magazine for engaged leaders and philanthropists


The Journal of National Security

The UVU Journal of National Security is Utah’s first student-edited academic journal focused on national security issues.

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