Portrait of Alexa McCune

Alexa McCune

Hey! My name is Alexa McCune and I am from Lompoc, California. I currently am undecided in my major and taking classes to see what I like! I will be starting my sophomore year at UVU and am loving everything about it! I have met such amazing people and made so many friends and I am excited to continue to do that through the Mentor Program. My interests including playing and watching basketball, golfing, hanging with my family, going to the beach, and game nights!

Portrait Alyvia Dietz

Alyvia Dietz

Hello! My name is Alyvia Dietz, I grew up all over between Utah and Colorado. I am used to change, and thrive in it. I love trash reality TV, movie marathons, baking, drives through the canyons, and paddle boarding. I am a Sophomore studying Psychology. It took me some time, and many changes of my major before I figured out what I wanted to do at UVU. I totally understand the struggle. I am a new mentor at UVU and am LOVING it. What I love most about the Mentor Program is I get to meet new people, try new classes, and help students! I have encountered both success and failure here at UVU, I enjoy being able to share my experiences and advice with other students.

Portrait of Ammon Cobabe

Ammon Cobabe

Hello! My name is Ammon Cobabe and I’m a Mentor at Utah Valley University. I am originally from Morgan, Utah and I’m studying English Education at UVU. This will be my second year at UVU and I have loved every second of my college experience. I enjoy staying up late to watch movies with my wife, spending quality time with my family, and playing video games. My favorite actor is Keanu Reeves, and one of my favorite movies is Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. I enjoy being a Mentor because it allows me to meet new people and use my experiences to help others.

Portrait Ariel Mooney

Ariel Mooney

Hey, my name is Ariel! I am a new mentor this year and I’m super excited to be working in the program! I am a psychology major and this is my second year here at UVU. I want to be a therapist when I’m done with school. I grew up here in Orem, so that means I get to spend a lot of time with my family which I love! I like hiking, biking, and paddle boarding. I love comedy and spend a lot of my free time either watching or preforming it!

Portrait  of Barbara Jibson

Barbara Jibson

Hey There! My name is Barbara Jibson. I am originally from Italy and speak fluent Italian. I am a senior and majoring in Psychology. I have four children who I adore and find it a privilege to work in the mentor program among students my children’s age. I am surrounded by many smart students who have now become great friends of mine. I love to learn, read, and help; I love playing some good RPG games once in a while. I also love, love, love to swim, and travel. I like to take my life a day at a time and look at it as a new possibility. The past is my teacher, the future is yet to come, but today is the only way to live. Many say “you only live once,” but in reality, you can live often, start often, and always go forward to new horizons. I enjoy being a mentor at UVU because it allows me to meet new people and use my experiences to guide others.

Portrait Brendan Williams

Brendan Williams


Portrait Brinley Smith

Brinley Smith

Heyyy! My name is Brinley Smith, this is my first year as a UVU Mentor. I am from Spanish Fork, and graduated in 2020. I am a Pre-Med student in my sophomore year. I like to go on hikes to be in nature. I love to go to school, work, play with puppies, and go roller skating with friends. I would love to tour Europe someday.

Portrait Bryce Gentile

Bryce Gentile

Greetings! My name is Bryce Gentile. I grew up in Los Alamos, New Mexico. As a New Mexican, I can tell you that green chile is far superior to red – a touchy debate back home in NM. I came to UVU to study aviation management and have no complaints – Utah is beautiful, and I love our university! High school was a struggle for me but UVU has allowed me the opportunity to prove myself and has provided a channel for me to seek my aspirations. As a way to give back our school, I became invested in the UVU Mentor Program where I have the privilege of serving fellow Wolverines... many of whom originate from circumstances like my own.

Portrait of Bryn K Walker

Bryn K Walker

I was born in Texas but have lived in Utah for most of my life. I will be a Sophomore in the fall of 2020 and love being a UVU Wolverine! My favorite things to do are read, river raft, and explore new things. I love to meet new people and hear their stories. My skills include: Bow-staff skills……nunchuck skills….and quoting movies. You can either find me hanging with friends, reading, or watching Netflix on normal days. I look forward to this next year and can’t wait to be a UVU Mentor!

Portrait of Coco Ashton

Coco Ashton

Coco Ashton, 28 in October, Single, Middle child of 5, Close to Mom and Sisters (Kayla and Hanna), 3 nieces and 1 nephew, many fur babies in family.I want to be a nurse practitioner who has a midwife license also and use my massage license; but also work with vets from war. Just sold my house so I am going to start my retirement, savings and investing. Just quit my job of 4 years so I can focus on school! Gonna be a team manager for the men’s lacrosse team. Outdoorsy, athletic, reading, painting, making jewelry, learning the uke, love traveling, LDS and loving Christ like he is the center of my life.

Portrait of Devin Lopez

Devyn Lopez

Aloha! My name is Devyn Nainoa Natividad Lopez. I am from Roy, Utah! I am a Mentor at the Utah Valley University (UVU) and I’m majoring in Exercise Science, but working towards Dental School because my favorite thing is smiling, so I want to help others be confident in their smiles! I hate to be idle, I love to do anything that has to do with nature, or being physically active (sports, dancing, camping, hiking, etc.) I also love making memorable experiences with friends. I like being a mentor because I enjoy meeting new people, being there for others, and making new friends!

Portrait of Drew Pemberton

Drew Pemberton

Hi I’m Andrew Pemberton and I’m a mentor here at UVU! I grew up mostly in Eagle
Mountain, Utah, and I’m a senior majoring in Business Management. I love nature and
music and sports but I mostly love spending time with friends and family. Being a
mentor means I can help others in ways unique to my skill set. It’s truly the opportunity
of a lifetime!
Portrait of Emilee Roylance

Emilee Roylance

Hey there! My name is Emilee Roylance and I’m from Layton, Utah. I am a Mentor here at UVU! I’m a junior majoring in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Business Management. I have loved my experience at UVU so far! I love hanging out in my hammock, camping, and listening to good music. I also really enjoy traveling and getting the chance to meet new people and try new things! I am so excited to be a mentor and have the opportunity to help people find their place at UVU just like the mentors I’ve had have helped me!

Portrait of Gabrielle Polidori

Gabrielle Polidori

Hey! My name is Gabrielle Polidori. I am from Cleveland, Ohio and yes, I am a LeBron fan and yes, I am still sad he left the Cavs. I am a mentor at Utah Valley University (UVU), studying Family Science. I moved to Utah in 2018 for school and let me tell ya, I LOVE IT! In my free time, I love to sing R&B from the early 2000’s and the Motown era of music. I also love being outside and soaking in the beautiful Earth we live in. I am pumped to be a mentor this year, because I love meeting new people and being a positive influence in their lives.

Portrait of Hannah Brown

Hannah Brown


Portrait of Hoss DeRoest

Hoss Deroest

Hoss DeRoest is going into his third year at UVU, majoring in Business Management. He is the owner of BigHoss Landscaping, helping clients go from “disowning” their lawns, to “owning,” them. Hoss is from a fun, competitive family in Orem, Utah. Always striving to put forth his best efforts, he has transferred his discipline from sports towards educating himself. His mission as a mentor is to coach and assist other students in their academic and professional pursuits. Hoss enjoys tennis—he coaches at Vasa—soccer, hockey and kickboxing. You may even catch him disco skating or water skiing at Powell!

Portrait of Izabella Christensen

Izabella Christensen

Hi, I'm Izabella. I will be a sophomore this year. I'm from the small town of Nephi Utah. I’m the oldest of seven and that is my most favorite job. I love UVU and I’m super excited to see what this new year brings. I’m here working on my bachelors in Social Work to then go on to Occupational Therapy. In my free time I love to be on the water, whether that's on a paddleboard or on a wave runner. Some of my favorite things are Mountain Dew w/vanilla, watching Friends or being w/my three dogs.

Portrait of Jacob Prescott

Jacob Prescott

Hi. My name is Jacob Douglas Prescott IV and I am studying Biology here at UVU. I love math and the sciences, and being involved at the school. I am originally from Craig Colorado, which is next to the middle of nowhere with tons of elk. During the summers I can be found roaming the trails of Yellowstone and the Tetons, singing songs and rappelling. During the winters, I enjoy snowboarding, eating cookies, and listening to Christmas songs. I find the most enjoyment doing those things with my wife! Serving in the mentor Program has been one of the most fantastic and insightful things I have ever done. Being able to learn along side my fellow students, and share my love of study skills makes my UVU experience even better! I look forward to learning alongside everyone!

Portrait   of Jaden Burnett

Jaden Burnett

Hi! My name is Jaden Burnett and I’m from Centerville, Utah. I am so excited to be a UVU mentor this year. I am finishing up my junior year majoring in Communications and Public Relations, but my dream is to be a film director one day. In my free time, I love to play the piano, sing, make other laugh, spend time with quality people, eat good food, and explore the world. I also care a lot about others and enjoy meeting new people. I absolutely love UVU and can’t wait to help others find their purpose and succeed at this great school.

Portrait   of Kendall VanNatter

Kendall VanNatter

Hello!! My name is Kendall VanNatter and I am a Mentor at Utah Valley University! I’m from Dallas, Texas and I moved to Utah in 2017 to attend UVU. I am a senior majoring in Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations. I love talking to people, being outside, and having a good time. Being a mentor at this university is awesome because I get to help and share with others what has made UVU the best school for me

Portrait of Kolton Osborne

Kolton Osborn

Hey, my name is Kolton! I’m a junior here at UVU studying communications, and I this is my second year in the mentor program. My favorite things to do are hang out with my friends and play sports (please invite me to your social gatherings) I love the mentor program because it has taught me so much about how to be a successful college student. I enjoy sharing what I learn in my classes and helping other students find success as well.

Portrait of Iain Brickey

Iain Brickey

I am originally from Nampa, ID and moved to Orem in fall of 2018 to attend UVU and
study Healthcare Administration with an emphasis in Business Management. Shortly
after starting at UVU, I met my wife in a SLSS 1000 class and have been involved in the
SLSS department ever since. I love lacrosse and football, video games, weight lifting
and music.
Portrait   of Macie Cisneros

Macie Cisneros

Hi! My name is Macie Cisneros and I am from Houston, Texas. I am a mentor at Utah Valley University majoring in Digital Marketing and minoring in Business Management. I am currently a Senior at UVU. I have enjoyed my time at UVU and the relationships I have established. In my free time, I enjoy spending times with friends and family. One fun fact about me is that I have worked for the Walt Disney Company. I hope to go back and work corporate level for the company. I have loved my time as a mentor. I am a mentor because I enjoy meeting new people and getting to help others.

Portrait of Merriah Hamaker

Merriah Hamaker


Portrait   of Natalie Rose

Natalie Rose

Hi! My name is Natalie Rose and I’m from Meridian, Idaho. I am a sophomore at UVU and I absolutely love it here! I love being outdoors, traveling, and spending time with my family. I am super excited to be a mentor this year because I love making connections with others and being part of a team!

Portrait Nicole Paulette

Nicole Paulette

Hi! My name is Natalie Rose and I’m from Meridian, Idaho. I am a senior at UVU and I absolutely love it here! I love being outdoors, traveling, and spending time with my family and friends. I love being a mentor because I love making connections with others and being part of a team!

Portrait of Rylie Prescott

Rylie Prescott

Hi! My Name is Rylie. I grew up in Pocatello, ID. I’m a jack of all trades, and master of none. I love to continually learn new skills all the time. Some of these skills are hiking, skiing, crocheting, cooking, playing piano, playing the violin, and singing. This is my second year here at UVU, and if there’s one thing I’ve learned it’s there’s a place for you. I now live in Provo with my lovely Husband who also attends UVU and we love it here!

Portrait of Sam Ashman

Sam Ashman

It’s me Lil Sammy Sac. I have grown up in Utah attending high school at Jordan high school. I enjoyed playing sports while growing up and in particular basketball. Which I still enjoy playing. Where I spend most of my time now is biking. Both road and mountain biking I’ll be out trying to find new places to ride. I have a twin brother which has been the best thing ever as I do not like being alone much because I scare easily. I am going into exercise science and would like to get my leadership certificate.

Portrait Shannon Monohan

Shannon Monahan

My name is Shannon Monahan and I am a new Mentor at Utah Valley University. This year is my junior year of college, and my second year here at UVU! I grew up in a large family and I am from San Diego, California. I’m an English Major with an emphasis in Writing Studies. I love reading, writing, listening to and creating music, spending time with friends, baking, and my family. I also love meeting new and interesting people which is why I am so excited to be a part of The UVU Mentor Program!

Portrait of Shayla Burnside

Shayla Burnside

Hello!! My name is Shayla Burnside and I am from Sandy, Utah! I am a junior at UVU, majoring in communication studies. I enjoy playing lacrosse and going on fun adventures wherever I’m at! I am completely obsessed with Phantom of the Opera (don’t judge) and could listen to the music ALL day. I am so pumped to be a mentor this year because I love making friends and learning from them. I’m a huge fan of UVU because there are resources, programs, and clubs that give everyone a chance to be involved and love college life.

Portrait of Spencer Jarvis

Spencer Jarvis

Hi! My name is Spencer Jarvis and I am from Tempe, Arizona. I am a Mentor at Utah Valley University (UVU) majoring in Business Management and minoring in Public Relations. I moved to Utah in 2017 and have been attending UVU for the past two years. In my free time, I enjoy going to sporting events, playing piano, and being active. My favorite show on Netflix is Sherlock but you can never go wrong with The Office. I like being a Mentor because I like getting to know people and helping them in any way that I can.

Portrait   of Spencer Pitt

Spencer Pitt

Hi my name is Spencer Pitt and I’m from Centerville, Utah. I’m a mentor here at UVU entering my sophomore year. I’m majoring in Biology with a minor in business and have a goal to own a dental practice and become a dentist. I love being a student at UVU and am excited to show new students all of the resources that are here to help them succeed! Some of the things I enjoy doing include rock climbing, hiking, tennis, eating good food, and watching the office.

Portrait of Taylor Stanley

Taylor J Stanley

Hi! I'm Taylor Stanley. I'm 20 years old, I love the outdoors, hiking, hammocking and kayacking. I currently work at the Emergency room and am going to school for pre-med. I've always enjoyed science, specifically biology, and I love music. I was a percussionist and play several instruments and listen to just about every genre. I like to immerse into music, its my way of taking a break from the world. I speak mandarin and have traveled to many places in Asia. I could not ever decide between the mountains and the beach. I love doing service and helping others. I'm super excited to be a mentor!

Portrait of Taylor McKinnon

Taylor Joan McKinnon

Hi! My name is Taylor McKinnon and I am a Mentor here at UVU! I am originally from Garden City Utah, which is a small town by Bear Lake. my High School was extremely small, my graduating class only has 30 kids in it, and because of that I very excited about being in such a diverse and fun place like UVU. I am a junior majoring in English Education, and I want to become a High School English teacher after I graduate. Some of my favorite things to do are hiking, going to the beach, watching theater productions, and just chilling out. I am very excited to be a mentor this year and to make some memories!

Portrait of Tiffany Peyregne

Tiffany Peyregne

My name is Tiffany Peyregne and I’m a mentor majoring in English Education here at UVU. This is my second year, and I’ve really enjoyed the community we have between students and professors on campus. Being a mentor gives me the opportunity to help others in our community, and get out of my comfort zone! I love spending time with my family and loved ones, but tend to spend most of my free time reading, writing, and playing tennis. I am a Mentor here at UVU! I’m a junior majoring in Healthcare Administration with a minor in Business Management. I have loved my experience at UVU so far! I love hanging out in my hammock, camping, and listening to good music. I also really enjoy traveling and getting the chance to meet new people and try new things! I am so excited to be a mentor and have the opportunity to help people find their place at UVU just like the mentors I’ve had have helped me!

Portrait   of Whitney Hall

Whitney Hall

Hi, my name is Whitney and this is my second year in the mentor program! I am studying communications with an emphasis in public relations. My goal is to work with the Utah Jazz. I am 21 years old and from North Carolina! I love hiking and doing anything outside, country music is the best and nobody will change my mind! One of my biggest dreams right now is to sit courtside at a Jazz game! I am excited for Fall semester and to meet new people!

Portrait of Veronica Clark

Veronica Clark

Hey-o! My name is Veronica(: I’m a student, a friend, former theatre kid, life of the party, online shopper, and a Mentor here at Utah Valley University. I’m originally from Ukraine but have lived in the US since 2015. I am studying Psychology, and my major is a major deal to me. I absolutely love people and want to help them. I love learning about what makes us human. I enjoy art, film, and poetry. I believe in freedom of self-expression. I love discovering how others find and express their authentic selves. And I’m a huge fan of deep conversations.