We foster an inclusive environment for wolverines to access food, housing, health and safety.





To remove barriers and create a place of belonging for all wolverines.

More Than 4,900

students served 22-23 school year

Over 36,000 lbs

of food distributed in 2023

13% Increase

retention and persistence compared to university average

“Your desire to go beyond a student’s initial needs and empower them to take control of their current situation and their future. I’m impressed with the extensive networking the CARE Hub does, connecting students with people and programs that can more specifically help with their circumstances.” 

-Current UVU Student Benjamin Shaw

“As an international student, I found myself on several occasions not knowing how to eat for a day and being far away from my family. Because of people like you, I made it this far closer to graduating from college.” 

-Isabella Morales 

UVU sign

Ongoing Programs

  • Emergency Short-Term Housing Program
  • Fresh Food Fridays and fresh produce in the pantry
    A Volunteer program for students
    Local Fruit Tree Gleaning Program
  • A new physical space with expanded pantry 
  • Case Management and resource referral for students
  • Growing the Mobile Food Pantry to expand services to West Campus, Wee Care, Wasatch Campus, and the Provo Airport
  • Accessible recipe videos to help teach healthy meals using pantry items
  • Participation on 2 state-wide committees, 3 regional committees, 4 UVU committees
  • Increased education, including staff/ faculty presentations and FOI courses
  • Increased student presentations for classes and organizations on campus
  • Ongoing assessments of all programs to best meet the needs of students

In Progress

  • Programs for Emergency Housing and Rent Assistance
  • Upcoming partnerships with more food recovery organizations in the community
  • Increasing safety resources for students at UVU
  • Additional grants for expanding our housing and food resources
  • Increasing variety and multicultural foods offered to students
  • Increasing resources for international and undocumented students

What we've Accomplished

  • 2023 NASPA Winner for Innovative Food Programs
  • Partnership with UVU GRIT Garden to provide fresh produce to students.
  • Received Swipe Out Hunger and Kroger grants awarded to address student food insecurity
  • Received Marriott Daughters Foundation grant
  • Awarded $132,823 to students through the Emergency Scholarship Fund
  • Partnership with Costco for food recovery
  • Partnership with Deseret Industries to help families access needed clothes and household items
  • Helped 5 Universities in Utah establish basic needs programs for their campuses
  • Partnership with mRelief- Accessible SNAP sign up for students
  • Helped establish access to free showers on UVU campus for students
  • Partnership with United Way to provide Doordash Delivery and Lyft Rides to students
  • New Emergency Food Card program for immediate food insecurity
  • Host of the 2022 Utah Food Summit
  • Increased followership by 300% on Instagram and improved resource visability
  • Presentedon on Global Food Insecurity at UN “Why It Matters” conference
  • Created an Afforadable Meal Guide at UVU
  • Held student focus groups to understand student food insecurity on UVU Campus
  • Increased staff support and added 2 full time program managers and a Basic Needs Specialist

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CARE HUB: Room SL-101 | Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Outside Entrance Under SLWC Bridge