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The CARE Hub is dedicated to helping students connect to resources that will help them address food insecurity, mental health, safety, and housing whether through campus departments or community organizations. Student success begins with making sure that students have their basic needs met so that they can focus on their academics.


We foster an inclusive environment for wolverines to access food, housing, health and safety.


To remove barriers and create a place of belonging for all wolverines.

More Than 1,000

students served in 2022

25,000 lbs

of food distributed in 2022

13% Increase

retention and persistence compared to university average

"The CARE hub and food pantry helped me when I had no where else to go"

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Amber Hendrickson

CARE Hub Director

Amber has worked at UVU since 2012 addressing Basic Needs for UVU students. She has helped pioneer Basic Needs programs for students at UVU and continues to innovate how we can help students.

portrait of Amber Hendrickson

Kinsey Oldroyd

Basic Needs Specialist

Kinsey has worked at UVU since 2021. She is passionate about increasing access to nutritious foods and fighting food insecurity on college campuses.

portrait of Kinsey Oldroyd

Nicasio Nango

Americorps VISTA

Nicasio has worked at UVU since 2018 all over campus. They served in student government and A Hand Up club to help students facing basic needs insecurity and navigate campus resources.

portrait of Nicasio Nango

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CARE HUB: Room SC-105 | Mon-Fri 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Across from the Grand Ballroom