Volunteer Chiefs Online Training (on demand)


The Utah Fire and Rescue Academy Volunteer Chiefs Training was created at the request of Utah volunteer fire chiefs to provide training, resources, and tutorials to help volunteer fire chiefs in Utah develop knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to successfully lead a volunteer fire department.

Course content was developed based on survey data from 150 Utah volunteer chiefs, with input from subject matter experts across the state, and implements best practices from national, state, and local resources.

You may complete lessons “on demand” as you need information and resources on any given topic, or you may choose to complete any module from start to finish. After completion of each lesson, you will be able to apply the material in your own department.

Training hours spent working on this course may be tracked and applied according to your department’s policies.

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Module 1: Introduction to Fire Department Administration and Leadership


Having a clear definition of roles and responsibilities is critical to the success of any organization. In this module, you will become familiar with the roles and responsibilities of the volunteer fire chief and explore principles of leadership that may help you in fulfilling your role. 

Lesson 1.1  Roles and Responsibilities of the Volunteer Fire Chief
Lesson 1.2  Leadership

Module 2: Health & Safety

The fire service is progressing to be more safety conscious as more firefighters come to understand that some injuries, illnesses, and even fatalities are preventable and can be avoided. As a fire chief, you have an important role in promoting a culture of safety and wellness in your department.

Lesson 2.1  Health & Safety Regulations & Standards

Lesson 2.2  Cancer Awareness & Prevention

Lesson 2.3  Mental Health Awareness & Suicide Prevention

Lesson 2.4  Line of Duty Deaths

Module 3: Human Resource Management

This module comprises lessons on human resources management and includes information on labor laws, recruitment and retention, compensation and benefits, and motivation and discipline.

Lesson 3.1  Labor Laws

Lesson 3.2  Recruitment and Retention

Lesson 3.3  Background and Reference Checks

Lesson 3.4  Workers' Compensation

Lesson 3.5  Motivation and Discipline                               

Module 4: Finance & Budgets

Lesson 4.1  Grants

New modules will be added as they are completed.