Omni CMS (OU Campus) version 11

OU Campus is now Omni CMS!

The new version of Omni CMS features an updated interface for updating and maintaining our department websites. Much of the functionality of Omni CMS remains the same -- you'll still navigate Omni CMS and work in the editor in the same way you're used to -- but the interface has been updated for a more streamlined experience.

All of our UVU Web Community tutorials and documentation have been updated to demonstrate how to accomplish tasks and work in this new version of Omni CMS.

If you have questions about working in Omni CMS version 11, please contact your area web developer, or reach us at

 The web at UVU

Web Community

The Web Community is a group for all members of UVU's campus who work with the web -- site owners, site managers, content contributors, and anyone else who works with UVU's web presence. We want everyone in the Web Community to have easy access to resources, help, training, and support services to provide the best web experience possible.

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Join the Web Community Microsoft Team by adding team with code: wl4is2p

Strategic Web Action Team

SWAT is a committee that directs the changes needed to keep UVU's Web current and dynamic. The committee represents all of the areas on the University Campus. SWAT also has members from the Web Development Services and the University Marketing and Communications department. SWAT provides a medium of communication to discuss concerns in regards to the UVU Web.

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