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The Writing Center employs over 40 students and para-professional employees per semester. Our personnel include full-time administration, office assistants, tutors, and writing fellows.



We help students become confident, independent writers by assisting with a current writing project and building skills for future writing projects. We help with English classes, business writing, research assignments, creative writing, career or college applications, ELL courses, and various other kinds of writing.



Tutors coach students through the writing process with questions, examples, and practice, rather than editing for students.



We tutor students, faculty, staff, and community members from various backgrounds. Tutoring at the UVU Writing Center is always free, and many tutors from a variety of backgrounds are available.


Program learning outcomes Strategic plan



The UVU Writing Center is certified to train tutors through the College Reading and Learning Center Association (CRLA) and authorized to present tutors the following levels of certification:


  • Level 1 - Certified Tutor
  • Level 2 - Advanced Certified Tutor
  • Level 3 - Master Certified Tutor

Level 3 Certification granted 09/15/17 - 02/15/23

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Are you interested in being a peer tutor?

The UVU Writing Center employs students who love learning, enjoy serving others, and are interested in gaining valuable leadership abilities. Our employees are from a variety of academic backgrounds and majors who enjoy working with students, faculty, and community patrons to improve their written and oral communication skills.

Some of the benefits of working at the Writing Center include:

  • Working on campus
  • Focused training and CRLA certification
  • Practicing leadership skills
  • Improving your teaching and oral communication skills
  • Tailoring your resume
  • Expanding your student experience
  • Participating in engaged learning



Tutors fulfill the role of a peer-tutor, reading and discussing student work in order to strengthen and clarify academic writing strategies. Tutors primarily work one-on-one with students but may work with writing groups, facilitate peer review sessions, and lead workshops.

All prospective tutors must have completed ENGL 2010/2020 with a grade of B+ or higher prior to applying to the Writing Center. Special consideration will be given to students who have completed MKTG 2200, BESC 3020, and/or ENGL 3020/3090


Writing Fellows are specialized writing tutors who work with a single professor and class over the course of a semester. Fellows have the opportunity to work closely with a professor, develop deep knowledge of disciplinary writing, extend their peer leadership roles, and learn effective tutoring methods.


Office Assistants work at the front desk, serving as a first contact point for students, faculty, and community patrons with the Center. They fulfill the role of managing and coordinating Center activities, organize student and tutor schedules, record appointment statistical data, and assist with other projects as assigned.


All employees are required to attend weekly training meetings, regardless of certification level and seniority, to strengthen staff unity, keep up to date on Center policies and procedures, and remain current with CRLA certification requirements.

Meeting times are subject to change. Tutors, Writing Fellows, and Office Assistants who are enrolled in courses during the training meeting are required to attend an alternative meeting time. Alternative days and times are determined each semester and are based around employee and administrator availability.