What kind of assistance does the Writing Center offer?

  • Free one-on-one and small group writing consultations
  • 50+ accessible online handouts
  • Workshops, presentations, and learning modules
  • Collaborations and coordinated campus events
  • Writing Fellows—a course-embedded tutoring program
  • The Graduate Writing Center for UVU graduate students, faculty, and staff

Who can use the Writing Center?

  • The Writing Center programs and resources are available to undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, staff, and community members, with priority given to UVU students during the busiest times of the semester. Since logging in or creating an account requires a UVU ID number, community members should contact the front desk to create an account.

What are the benefits of using the Writing Center?

  • Whether you are meeting with a writing consultant, attending a workshop, or using a handout, the Writing Center is working to help you increase your understanding, ability, and confidence as a writer. Writers at all levels--emerging to advanced--can benefit from working with a trained writing consultant. Discussing writing and receiving feedback on your work is a normal and valued part of the writing process. It models the collaborative work that takes place in academic and professional settings.

What kind of writing projects can the Writing Center help with? Does the writing have to be for an English class?

  • The Writing Center works with writers on any assignments and at any stage of the writing process. This means you can bring in any writing you are working on--a class assignment, personal writing, a resume, a scholarship essay, etc. If you are working on a larger piece of writing, such as a capstone project, it may be helpful to break the work into sections and meet with a consultant regularly. Writers working on take-home tests will need to have a professor’s permission before working with a writing consultant.

Who are the writing consultants, and can they still help me if they are not experts in my field of study?

  • UVU Writing Center consultants are hired from a range of academic areas and are trained and certified through the College Reading and Learning Association. Their multi-level training includes supporting writers from diverse academic, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds and assisting with writing from across various fields of study. While a consultant may not be an expert in your area of study, they are careful and critical readers who can help you make informed decisions about your writing.

Do I need to make an appointment, or can I just drop in for help?

  • While writers can always come to the Writing Center (FL 208) for assistance, scheduling an appointment ensures that you can meet with a writing consultant at a specific time. During busy times of the semester, appointments are strongly encouraged.

What can I expect from an appointment?

  • In a typical writing consultation, writers and consultants work together to identify goals for the session, discuss or read through the writer’s work, review or learn writing concepts, apply and practice writing principles, and plan writing and revision tasks. Although consultants can assist writers with a wide range of topics and tasks, writers and consultants will determine a focus for each session instead of trying to cover everything in a single session.

How can I prepare for my appointment?

  • Since writing consultants tailor each session to the needs and preferences of the writer, think through what you would like to accomplish in a session and bring specific questions, concepts, ideas, or tasks you would like to work on. If you are working on a specific writing assignment, be ready to share your assignment guidelines, rubric, and other materials, including any work you have done.

Does my writing assignment or project need to be finished before I bring it in?

  • No. We help writers at any stage of the writing process—brainstorming, prewriting, drafting, revising, etc.

What is the Writing Center's policy about working with writers using AI to generate content for assignments?

  • Writing Center tutors are trained to work with any writer on any writing assignment, and it can be beneficial for writers using AI to talk through their process, evaluate their use of AI, and make intentional choices about how they want to use AI as part of their writing process. Per Writing Center policy, if a writer discloses AI use, the tutor will ask the writer to confirm their instructor or department's policies about AI use for their course and/or assignment. The tutor will also review the assignment with the writer to ensure AI use is not bypassing the intended learning purpose or process. In short, we want to help writers make use of writing tools and processes effectively and ethically, and acknowledge the contextual nature of that work.

How will my professor know if I come to the Writing Center?

  • Writing consultants complete a form at the end of every consultation that includes a summary of the concepts discussed and plans for writing or revising work. They often also include links to resources. The form is then emailed to the writer, using the email address the writer registered with. Writers may submit a copy of this form to their professor as evidence of a Writing Center visit.

How much does the Writing Center cost?

  • Writing Center programs and resources are free.

Is there a limit to the amount of help a writer may receive?

  • Writers are limited to 60 minutes of assistance per day and 3 hours per week. Writers are expected to revise and practice writing skills and strategies between tutoring sessions.

What if I am late for my appointment?

  • If you are more than 10 minutes late for an appointment, your appointment may be given to another writer, and you may be asked to reschedule.

Can a writing consultant edit or assign a grade to my paper?

  • No. Consultants are trained to help writers learn how to edit their own work and provide guidance and feedback on writing without assigning or predicting grades.

What if none of the appointment times work with my schedule?

  • If there are no appointments available for live, in-person or online appointments, you can make a video feedback appointment and receive assistance without having to meet with a writing consultant in real time. Or, you can use the waiting list feature on our scheduling page to be notified if an appointment becomes available.

What if I need help setting up, modifying, or canceling an appointment?

  • For assistance with making and managing appointments, feel free to contact the front desk of the Writing Center at 801-863-8936 or [email protected].

If English is not my first language, can the Writing Center help me with other language and literacy skills besides writing?

  • Yes. The Writing Center offers additional support for writers as English language learners (ELL), including meeting for conversation practice to improve listening and speaking skills and working on reading and grammar assignments or practice.

Can I bring children to my appointment?

  • We understand that many writers are parents and caregivers. We offer several options to assist with caregiving responsibilities, including online consultations, video feedback, and in-person sessions that can be moved from the main Writing Center to the library’s Gibson Family Study Suite after you check-in at the front desk of the Writing Center.

What other Educational Support Services (ESS) or tutoring services are available on campus?

  • UVU’s Educational Support Services (ESS) consist of its main tutoring programs—the Writing Center, Math Lab, and Academic Tutoring. However, other campus programs can offer students needed support the Fulton Library’s Research Help Desk, the Career and Internship Office, the Language Labs, the Woodbury School of Business Writing Lab (for MKTG and MGMT students only), and TRIO Student Support Services. Peer mentors, instructional assistants, and other support may be offered by individual programs or departments.

I am interested in working in the Writing Center. What is the hiring process?

  • The Writing Center has a range of positions, so the process will depend on the position you are applying for. Writing consultants and office assistants are student positions and are generally posted in July for fall semester, November for spring semester, and April, if summer hiring is needed. All positions will be posted with UVU’s Office of People and Culture. Non-student positions are filled on an as-needed basis.

If I have additional questions about the Writing Center, is there someone I can contact?