The Graduate Writing Center (GWC) serves UVU students, faculty, staff, and the Orem community working on graduate school applications
(entrance essays and GRE prep), graduate writing assignments, dissertations, theses, and professional documents. Graduate Writing tutors offer one-on-one sessions as well as workshops.
As with our other tutoring services, the Graduate Writing Center is a free service that can help writers at all stages of the writing process. While we will gladly address questions of grammar and style during tutorials, we are not able to accommodate editing requests.


The Writing Center provides free GRE Writing preparation workshops each semester. Workshops are free to students, staff, and community members.
Sign up for virtual workshops hosted by Graduate Writing Center! Virtual workshops provide real-time instruction remotely via Microsoft Teams. Returning Summer 2022.



Additionally, the Graduate Writing Center is hosting four asynchronous workshop series this semester:


The GRE is broken up into three sections: Verbal Reasoning, Analytical Writing, and Quantitative Reasoning. At the Writing Center, we help with the Verbal Reasoning and the Analytical Writing sections of the GRE. We have four (yes four!) helpful asynchronous GRE preparation workshops, namely the Verbal Intro, Written Intro, Verbal Practice, and Written Practice. In these workshops we will work to introduce you to GRE strategies, question types, organization, etc., as well as work with you to improve your ability to best respond to the GRE questions and prompts. 

Asynchronous means that you can work through these workshops in your own space on your own time rather than having to sign up on our schedule. Our two intro workshops help you understand the format and style of the questions and prompts, while our two practice workshops help you utilize the strategies for completing the GRE exam. Working through all four of these workshops can help you feel more confident in your test-taking abilities and help you along the road of applying for and getting into your dream grad program!


If you'd like to work through these workshops with a tutor or if you have any questions after working through the asynchronous workshops, you can schedule an appointment on the Graduate Writing Center schedule.


*These workshops are in the beta-testing stage. If anything is inaccessible to you and your needs, please let us know at (801)-863-8936 or


In collaboration with the UVU Math Lab, the Writing Center offers free Graduate Record Exam (GRE) prep workshops. A general description is provided below. We recommend participating in the practice sessions after attending the informational workshops.

Analytical Writing Informational Workshop

The GRE Analytical Writing workshop presents the facts about the Issue and Argument essay sections of the GRE and then largely focuses on developing pre-writing strategies for any prompt a test-taker may encounter. The workshop is heavily practice-based, using prompts from the actual GRE to demonstrate to the attendees what their essays should look like and to give them experience working with these prompts. All of the suggestions provided are based on an in-depth analysis of the GRE scoring guide and example essays.

Verbal Informational Workshop

The GRE Verbal workshop introduces the different kinds of questions that are asked in this portion of the GRE. The workshop focuses on presenting several strategies, both for preparing in advance for the GRE verbal portion and also for use during the GRE to increase your score. The workshop leader will present at least one example for each type of verbal question and encourage in-depth discussion on how to work out each example. The workshop also includes a packet with a vocabulary list and extra practice questions and answers.

Analytical Writing Practice Session

The Practice Session for the Analytical Writing portion of the GRE builds on the information presented in the GRE Analytical Writing Workshop. Attendees will work with the GRE scoring guides so that they become more familiarized with the criteria used to score their essays. They will then have the opportunity to develop examples in response to real GRE prompts. Finally, attendees will practice writing a portion of an actual GRE essay. The Practice Session involves a great deal of discussion, so attendees can share their ideas and questions and receive feedback from their peers and the workshop presenter.

Verbal Section Practice Session

The Practice Session for the Verbal portion of the GRE builds on the information presented in the GRE Verbal Informational Workshop. Attendees will work through flashcards with common vocabulary examples, guided questions for each type of verbal question, and strategies for individual study to help students prepare in advance for the GRE verbal portion. Attendees will also work a number of questions on their own and discuss their answers with the group as a whole. The Practice Session involves a great deal of discussion, so attendees can share their ideas and questions and receive feedback from their peers and workshop presenter.


As an advanced writer, why should I visit the Writing Center? 

Soliciting and receiving feedback on writing is a normal and valued part of the writing process. It models the collaborative work that takes place in academic and professional settings. All writers--emerging to advanced--can benefit from sharing their writing with careful, supportive readers.

How will tutors help me if they’re not trained in my field?

Our tutors are hired from across campus and are trained to help with a wide variety of genres, disciplines, and styles. While we may not be familiar with your specific assignment or requirements, we have the tools necessary to be helpful to you and your writing no matter the specifics. The more specific you can be when you sign up for an appointment, the more prepared we will be to assist you with your project.

Why should I schedule on the Graduate Writing Center schedule instead of the Main Center schedule?

The writing you produce as a graduate student can be significantly different from the writing you are assigned as an undergraduate student. Our GWC tutors are specifically trained to help with styles, genres, projects, and assignments more prevalent in graduate coursework.

What kind of projects can I bring into the Graduate Writing Center? Can I come in even if I haven’t started my project?

We help with all writing genres, whether it’s a resume, a grad school application, a personal project, or an assignment, we’re here to help! Further, we accept all papers, finished or unfinished, at the Writing Center. Come in for an organizational session, to get more information, to brainstorm, to discuss your argument, or to get feedback at any point in the drafting process.

I graduated from a different university, but I’m applying to a UVU Graduate Program. How do I make an appointment?

You’ll need to make an account on, but instead of using a UVU email and student number, you’ll simply use a personal email address and enter NA in the student number box. Then fill out the rest of the form as instructed.

I’m a faculty member. Can I use the GWC resources?

Of course! We’ve worked with a number of faculty members on a wide range of projects including letters of recommendation, grant proposals, manuscripts, lesson plans, presentation scripts and grant applications.

Is there a limit to the amount of help a writer may receive?

Patrons are limited to a maximum of sixty-minutes of assistance per day and a maximum of 3 hours per week. The Writing Center may offer more appointments based on an individual’s needs and tutor availability. Additionally, writers are expected to revise and practice writing skills and strategies between tutoring sessions.