As part of the UVU Writing Center, the Graduate Writing Center (GWC) serves a range of advanced writers, specifically graduate students, faculty, staff, and those applying to graduate school. Experienced and certified writing tutors provide feedback, collaboration, and a critical reader's response to help advanced writers develop knowledge, skills, and confidence in their work.

Writers Supported by the GWC

Writers Applying for Grad School

GWC consultations and resources can assist writers at every stage of the graduate application process from developing application materials and preparing for standardized entrance exams to understanding expectations for graduate writing.

UVU Graduate Students

Current UVU graduate students can meet with GWC consultants to work on classroom assignments, understand new genres of writing, and receive support on larger thesis papers and projects. Workshops and writing groups may also be available to support graduate writers.

UVU Faculty and Staff

The GWC supports faculty and staff as writers and instructors of writing. GWC consultants can work with faculty and staff on writing ranging from research articles and reports to writing assignment guidelines and letters of recommendation.

Recommendations for GWC Appointments

  • When scheduling appointments, indicate you want to work with a GWC consultant
  • Schedule appointments well in advance of deadlines to secure a GWC consultation
  • Upload a draft of your work to your appointment, along with any writing requirements or guidelines. If time allows, the consultant may review these materials before your appointment
  • Schedule regular appointments to give yourself a timeline for writing and keep yourself accountable to the work
  • For bigger projects, schedule recurring appointments with the same GWC consultant or set of consultants, so they can become familiar with your work and writing process
  • Break large assignments into smaller sections, and complete each section in the order that works best for you and your workflow
  • Bring specific questions, concerns, or goals, so the consultant can best tailor the appointment to your needs as a writer
  • Let your consultant know of any writing deadlines, and schedule ample time to apply writing concepts, incorporate consultant feedback, and revise your work
  • Remember that while GWC consultants are not editors, they can help you identify and address sentence-level patterns in your writing, make suggestions for clarity, and work with you to understand and apply writing concepts and editing strategies
  • Talk to your GWC consultant about other GWC and UVU resources (e.g., Fulton Library, Graduate Studies, Office of Teaching and Learning, etc.) or have them connect you with a Writing Center administrator