Welcome to an over 20-year tradition—the UVU Advising Conference! We are so excited to meet together as an advising community for “Advising: The Greatest Show!” Our committee was instantly drawn to this theme for the 2023 conference. Our unique abilities and the diversity of our advising community make us strong, and the presenters, resource fair participants, and keynote speaker showcase that strength. We are better together!

This May, UVU awarded 9,629 degrees to 8,517 students, and you played a huge supporting role in this success. Thank you for being quick to adopt new technologies, infusing advising theories into your interactions, and making a huge difference in students’ lives.

So come one, come all, to Advising: The Greatest Show—where we can gather together as professionals, colleagues, advocates, and friends—with the ultimate goal of supporting our students in their life, career, and educational goals.

Best wishes & warmest regards,

Rachel Terry, Committee Chair

Program Manager – Advisement Training & Assessment


A few other notes:

This year we are going GREEN! Please feel free to view, download, or print our conference program here.


A special shout-out to those who worked hard to put this conference together


Rachel Terry - Program Manager - Office of University Advising

Committee Members:

Ashley Graham - Counselor - First-Year Center

Gabriel Black - Counselor - First Year Center

Hasmik Sargsian - Academic Advisor - School of Business

Jennie Olson - Academic Advisor - College of Health & Public Service

Jennie Smith  - Academic Advisor - Concurrent Enrollment

Jessica Yakiwchuk - Academic Advisor - Smith College of Engineering & Technology

John-David Sorensen - Academic Advisor - School of the Arts

Katherine Brickey - Program Manager - Office of University Advising

Kim Wright  - Academic Advisor - School of Business

Kristy Giles  - Academic Advisor - School of the Arts

Melissa Eiche - Counselor - Pre-Health

Natalie Boone - Academic Advisor - College of Humanities/Social Science

Paula Nishitani - Admin Support III - Office of University Advising

Sheila Jacklin - Academic Advisor - School of Education

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Schedule Overview

Time What Location
8:45am-9:30am Breakfast & Registration  Ballroom, Third Floor
8:45am-1:15pm Resource Fair Ballroom, Third Floor
9:30am‐10:30am Keynote Speaker Dr. Jose Enriquez Ballroom, Third Floor
10:35am‐11:25am Breakout Session One See Session schedule below: Ballroom 315, Young Special 201, Brimhall 302, Young Card 308, or Bullock 309
11:30am‐12:20pm Breakout Session Two See Session schedule below: Young Special 201, Brimhall 302, Young Card 308, or Bullock 309
12:25pm‐1:15pm Lunch Ballroom, Third Floor
1:20pm‐2:10pm Breakout Session Three See Session schedule below: Ballroom 315, Young Special 201, Brimhall 302, Young Card 308, or Bullock 309
2:15pm‐3:05pm Breakout Session Four See Session schedule below: Ballroom 315, Young Special 201, Brimhall 302, Young Card 308, or Bullock 309
3:10pm‐4:00pm Awards & Giveaways Ballroom, Third Floor


Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Jose Enriquez

Dr. Jose Enriquez

Dr. Jose Enriquez is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of the national Latinos In Action education program headquartered in Sandy, Utah. Latinos in Action was awarded the White House’s Bright Spot Award for Hispanic Education in 2015. Prior to his current role, Dr. Enriquez was a former coordinator of Title III and Special Programs at the Utah State Office of Education. His experience in education includes 11 years of service in school districts in Alpine and Provo, Utah, where he served as an assistant principal and Spanish teacher.

Dr. Enriquez is also the Founding President of the Utah affiliate of the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS). He was appointed as a commissioner on volunteerism by the Utah Commission on Volunteers in 2010, and as a governor-appointed commissioner to the Office of Multicultural Affairs in 2012. He holds a PhD in educational leadership, a Master’s in educational leadership, and a Bachelor’s degree, all from Brigham Young University.

Breakout Sessions

Session One - 10:35 am-11:25 am

Room Presenter(s) Session
Ballroom 315 Dave Oakeson and Sue Stephenson

The jury is still out debating this question.Virginia Gordon (2006) suggests that someday the expression, “Career Advising” may become nonexistent as career advising becomes ingrained in the advising practice.Come to this session to discover why we think career advising should be one of the tools in our advising toolbox.Learn how career advising theory can be transformed into career advising practice.Several career advising theories will be discussed in this presentation while focusing mainly on the Cognitive Information Processing approach to career advising.Join in the party (That’s the Holland Party Game) and discover your Holland Code and corresponding occupations that match this code.Improve your co

Young Special 201 Melissa Braithwaite and Monica Ferreyra

Have you heard the phrase “I can’t do math” or “math is hard” or “my family is just not good at math” from your students? Perhaps you’re guilty of saying these yourself? Confident you “don’t have a math brain”?Come to the most sensational demonstration of modern math by the great magicians Melissa and Monica, where you’ll hear the most baffling data on how far a positive attitude goes for math achievement, the most bewildering ways your majors can utilize mathematics, and the most unexplainable fun that can come from mathematics. By the end YOU TOO will be calling yourself a Math Magic Master.

Brimhall 302

Alisha Wall

What is the difference between a traveler and an explorer? A traveler has a destination in mind and a way to get there. An explorer is not fixated on an exact destination, but about what they learn on their journey. When it comes to advising in Higher Education, our goal is to provide guidance and tools these students need in their exploration and, when they decide on a destination, to help them plan their road trip! Every major can have an element of exploration, even if your students are “decided”.

This session will focus on tips and best practices for exploration conversations such as coaching, goal setting and candid conversations. Together we’ll explore what to do about wrong turns, rerouting, a change in itinerary and more!

Young Card 308

Rachel Messenger and Jose Meza-Leon

How can I better support my undocumented students without a university-wide Dream Center? What resources on campus are available to undocumented students? How can I stay current on best practices and trends regarding this special population? These are questions that could arise as you are working with an undocumented student. With laws and acts that are constantly changing, and variations from state to state, it's important to know the current possibilities and resources for these students. This session will provide the approaches and resources you can utilize as an Utah Valley University advisor to better support undocumented students.

Bullock 309

Shalece Nuttall and CHPS Advisors

There are many "rings" that we juggle while walking the tightrope as an Advisor. There are a lot that is happening around us from administration, college, and expectations; using data and pro-active outreaches, as well as ALL the technology. Sometimes this environment can distract us from the big picture, but our destination still needs to be the success of our students while balancing advisor self-care. This session will share tips on how to find balance while walking the tightrope without falling.

Session Two – 11:30 am-12:20 pm

Room Presenter(s) Session

Young Special 201

Elaine Lewis and Miguel Rodriguez

We’re all familiar with the term “Momentum Year,” but what does it really mean?“Momentum Year: The secrets to first-year student success” will break this concept into five key components.Presenters will share the national history of Momentum Year and the data that supports the five components.Throughout the presenters will also offer strategies of how to incorporate Momentum Year into your advising practice.This presentation is designed for newer advisors who are looking to find ways to incorporate data proven practices into their holistic advising approach.

Young Card 308 Shandi Erickson and Lindsey Cracroft

Ever feel like you're in the arena spotlight but you can't seem to connect with a student? Maybe they're aggressive? Or maybe this is the fourth appointment they've missed? Come and learn eight strategies to boost student engagement, how to de-escalate a tense situation, learn the common complaints students have about advising, and how to incorporate appreciative advising into your daily interactions. Because the Show Must Go On! So let's make it a good one.

Bullock 309

Shalyse Nakayu

We have all encountered situations with students who are unsure. Oftentimes it seems students are plagued by indecisiveness or even paralyzed by fear of making the “wrong” decision. When this happens, they end up in our office telling us “I don’t know what to do!'' Higher education professionals have many tools and techniques available to use including assessments, listening, Motivational Interviewing, and Ikigai.

The definition of Ikigai is “a reason for being”. ‘Iki’ in Japanese means ‘life,’ and ‘gai’ describes value or worth. It is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose and a reason for living.

This presentation will demonstrate how these techniques can be woven together to provide a positive, guiding, and holistic experience for the student.

Brimhall 302

Polly Clauson and Kelly Prue

What do plants, students, and teams all have in common? They all need time and attention to thrive. This session focuses on ways that that our team has come together to build an environment where all can have their needs met, including the need for connection and support for mental health. We’ll look at research showing that a happy office is a productive office. Participants will walk away with ideas to implement in their own offices as well as questions to consider while building a culture of support for both students and team members.

Session Three – 1:20 pm-2:10 pm

Room Presenter(s) Session
Young Card 308

Brianna Larson

Come meet with other graduate program advisors to discuss how graduate program advising is going throughout different areas. This will be an opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, processes, etc., that have proven beneficial in your work with graduate students.

Bullock 309

Lucy Watson, Caden Peterson, Desmond Walker, Joey Lucero, Anika Boettcher, Lizzy Jensen, James Stoddart

What up gamers! Have your students ever used phrases that don't make sense to you? Do you feel like you have a hard time connecting with Gen-Z students? Presented by Gen-Z peer advisors,this presentation will help you understand who we are, what we care about, and how to best advise us! Come get the tea on Gen-Z! No cap - this presentation will be baller.

Young Special 201

Emily Smith

Take a swing on the Transfer Credit Trapeze! We know Transfer Credit is confusing. We also know that the majority of UVU students have transfer credit. This session will dazzle you with the wonders of transcript evaluations and tame that lion of fear that rises at the mere sight of a transferred degree! You’ll get an exclusive peek behind the curtain as we reveal the details of re-evaluations, international transfers, general education waivers, and why that transferred G course never quite seems to fulfill the GI requirement. We might not be serving peanuts, but we will be serving answers. Come prepared with your top hat of Transfer Credit questions!

Ballroom 315

Martha Wilson and Megan Bowen

As a part of Vision 2030, UVU has committed to comprehensively deliver certified online programs. Inherent within that commitment is the supposition that UVU will strive to provide the same level of exceptional care to fully online learners as it does to our campus-based learners. What does it mean to provide an exceptional learner experience to a fully online student? What are the unique challenges these learners face and how do we support them? This session will provide an overview of the distinctive needs and expectations of fully online students and how UVU is stepping up to help them with a unique new position, the Learner Guide.

Brimhall 302

Ashley Graham

While many advisors feel clueless about how to use texting in their advising practice, this session will explore why we might we choose to implement individualized text messages, consider the benefits of communicating through text messages, and discuss some best practices for the future. By choosing to focus on one mode of communication, we will be able to dive into the different constraints and freedoms unique to texting. Through interpersonal communication and higher education research, advisor testimonials and experiences, and multiple case studies, we’ll explore how to build relationships with our students through text messages. Don’t 4get ur phone!

Session Four – 2:15 pm-3:05 pm

Room Presenter(s) Session
Bullock 309

Marianna Henry and Emily Argyle

Imagine a circus without a ringmaster, with no sense of purpose, organization, or roles – a recipe for failure. The same rings true for our ability to progress and meet our goals. Without strong executive functioning, our brains are operating without their ringmaster. This session is a deep dive into executive functioning and ways to help students identify and strengthen these critical brain skills. Participants will walk away with insight into executive functioning benefits and challenges, as well as best practices, strategies, and tools to help students increase self-awareness because “the show must go on!”

Young Special 201

Mckade Christensen

This presentation will be infused with “The Office” references and teach research-based, best business communication practices you can apply to the advising experience. The presenter of this session has a communication background and will share how they apply these strategies to better reach and connect with their advisees. Come and learn how to more effectively communicate with your students through these tried-and-true verbal, non-verbal, and writing approaches.

Ballroom 315

Adrie Green and Sherry Page

Your words matter! Students with disabilities make up a significant portion of the population on any college campus.Most do not declare themselves as students with disabilities for many reasons.In this presentation, we will specifically highlight the stigma that can be perpetuated by even the most well-meaning individual and can cause reluctance in seeking support. As advisors, it’s important to understand that the use of inclusive language makes a vast difference in a student’s choice to declare themselves as a student with a disability.In this session, we will explore what inclusive language means in the world of disability, review appropriate language and discuss how incorporating small changes into your advising practice can make a world of difference to students with disabilities.

Young Card 308

Clint Moser

In a collaborative effort to achieve Vision 2030, UVU Online is partnering with programs to develop and comprehensively deliver fully online programs. This presentation will share what has been done by UVU Online to support the online learner, and the framework that is utilized with the programs across campus that have entered the "certified online programs" cohort. Also discussed will be how this process will help increase recruitment for the involved programs while improving the student experience! Come learn about the benefits, and how you as an advisor can help your program become a certified online program!

Brimhall 302

Hanna Jane (HJ) Morrell and Makana Santiago

Join us in a discussion about the Women’s Success Center and how we utilize holistic advising to recruit, retain, and graduate students. We will be reviewing the definition and theoretical framework of holistic advising, why holistic advising matters, and how advisors can implement these practices in their every day advising. We will host a Q+A after the presentation to address specific concerns advisors have about the holistic approach.





Presenter Bios 


Adrie Green, Program Director, Accessibility Services

Adrie Green is the Program Director of Support Services for UVU's Accessibility Services. She oversees the Peer Mentoring and Learning Specialist programs and is responsible for planning and implementing outreach and marketing strategies for the department. Adrie has a Master's degree in Rehabilitation Counseling and has worked with the disability community for ten years in various roles including Rehabilitation Counselor, Grant Manager, and Accessibility Counselor. Adrie is passionate about creating inclusive and supportive environments for individuals with disabilities and has been fortunate to build and be a part of such spaces throughout her career.


Alisha Wall, Assistant Director, First Year Advising Center

Alisha Wall is an Assistant Director at the First Year Advising Center at Utah Valley University. She enjoys helping undecided and actively exploring students navigate the many majors and programs available to them. With a passion for supporting students in their academic and professional journeys, she finds immense fulfillment in seeing students find their path. Alisha earned an Associate of Science, Bachelor of Science, and Master of Education degree at UVU. She truly “bleeds green”. Her educational journey not only provided her with a wealth of knowledge and skills, but also instilled in her a deep appreciation for the transformative power of education. This appreciation led her to full time employment with UVU where she has enjoyed supporting students for the last 6 years.


Ashley Graham, Academic Counselor, First-Year Advising Center

Born and raised in Southern California, Ashley Graham began her academic career as a community college student at El Camino College. She completed a Bachelor’s Degree at CSU Long Beach in Communication Studies with an emphasis in interpersonal and organization communication. She earned a Master’s Degree in Communication Studies from CSU Fullerton. Ashley competed nationally in speech and debate, winning several accolades including a national championship. She worked as a full-time adjunct instructor for five years at two community colleges in Southern California. Ashley also worked for 10 years as a speech and debate coach at the collegiate and high school levels. Ashley now uses her skills in mentorship and counseling as an UVST Advisor in the First Year Advising Center.


Brianna Larson, Graduate Studies Academic Advisor, School of Education

Brianna Larson started her career at Utah Valley University in 2010 and has held various positions across campus: Transfer Coordinator with Prospective Student Services, Academic Advisor and Admissions Counselor with School of the Arts, Adjunct Instructor with Student Leadership and Success Studies, and is currently the Graduate Studies Academic Advisor with the School of Education. 


Academic Advisors, College of Health & Physical Sciences 

CHPS advisors are excited to share this session with you. Learn from seven awesome advisors with over 70 years combined experience: Carrie, Christina, Jennie, Kristie, Mindy, Shalece, and Wendy!


Dave Oakeson, Academic Advisor, Honors Program

Dave Oakeson currently serves as the sole academic advisor for the Honors Program at UVU. He has a master’s degree from the University of Utah in Educational Administration and a graduate certificate in academic advising from Kansas State University. He taught math and art in the Granite school district in Salt Lake City for thirty years and worked as a teacher mentor for three years. Dave was previously an academic advisor in the Chemical Engineering department at BYU and advised for the engineering department at UVU.Dave derives pleasure from being with his family consisting of spouse Sandra, only child Abe, and their two Shih Tzu, Maltese mix (Mal-Shi) dogs, Frizzle and Smilliger. He loves to try new foods, but can always rely on his favorites: Indian, Vietnamese and Thai. Dave loves gardening, especially flowers, and is a novice landscape architect at heart.


Emily Argyle, Academic Standards Counselor

Emily Argyle loves learning is energized by staying curious and trying something new. She earned her Post Master's in School Psychology from Brooklyn College and has pivoted that role into Academic Coaching and Learning Strategies in the Academic Standards Office at Utah Valley University, in 2021. Emily has a long history at UVU, previously an adjust professor of dance in 2008 she was also a UVSC student in 2004. Passionate about inclusive student support, Emily serves in DEI leadership for the Coaching in Higher Education Consortium (CHEC) and serves on the DEI Committee for NACADA’s Academic Coaching and Advising Community. You might recognize her power walking to Beyoncé around campus after lunch. 


Elaine Lewis, Director of First-Year Advising Center

Elaine Lewis currently serves as director of the First-Year Center at Utah Valley University. In this role she leads a team of more than twenty full-time academic advisors in providing proactive, holistic, and data-informed advising to approximately six thousand first-year college students. Elaine aims to create a culture of exceptional care for students and the employees on her team. In previous roles, Elaine’s work focused on research, best practices, and program design to improve retention of first-year college students. She feels strongly about access to college for underserved and marginalized students and volunteers her time with GripTape, an American Achieves non-profit project, which provides cocurricular and extracurricular experiences to students from socioeconomically disadvantaged high schools in urban and rural areas.


Emily Smith, Transfer Credit Coordinator

Emily Smith currently holds the role of the Transfer Credit Coordinator in the Registrar's Office here at UVU. She’s worked in the Registrar’s Office for four years and the past two years as Coordinator have been her favorite. Her aim is to make the transfer credit process as simple and streamlined as possible for students to receive UVU course credit for their hard work. She is passionate about informing our campus partners about all things transfer credit to help everyone navigate this familiar, but often confusing, process.

HJ Morrell, Success Coach  Coordinator , Women's Success Center 

HJ Morrell started at the Women's Success Center as the Success Coach Coordinator in June of 2022. She comes from Georgia College & State University with a BA in Political Science, BA in Criminal Justice, and MS in Criminal Justice. HJ is passionate about inclusivity and making students feel like they matter on campus.

Jose Meza

Jose Meza Leon is from Los Angeles, California and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in international studies from BYU-Idaho. His background experience includes cultural orientation for refugees and asylum seekers for Catholic Community Services in the Refugee Resettlement program in Utah and academic advising for credit deficient H.S. students for Open Doors Program in state of WA. Currently, he does collaborative work with Utah Dreamers Coalition and UVU Undocumented Student Taskforce. Jose also volunteers in pro bono legal immigration services in the No More A Stranger Foundation with BYU Legal Law Clinic.

Kelly Prue, Academic Advisor, Woodbury School of Business

Kelly Prue is an academic advisor for the Woodbury School of Business. She has her B.S. in Psychology and is working on the M.Ed – Higher Education Leadership emphasis program here at UVU. In her free time Kelly enjoys shopping at Target and playing video games. Kelly is a Pokémon fanatic and her favorite Pokémon is Bulbasaur. She is currently playing the games Harvestella, Cozy Grove, and Overcooked on the Switch.

Lindsey Cracroft, Academic Advisor, Smith College of Engineering & Technology

Lindsey Cracroft grew up in Sandy, Utah. She attended UVU, where she earned an AA in Art and Visual Communication, an AAS in Multimedia Communication Technology, and a BS in Mathematics Education. She taught math at American Fork High School for 11 years and earned her MEd from WGU in Learning and Technology. She started advising at UVU in the Smith College of Engineering and Technology in August of last year. She currently advises Information Systems & Technology and Computer Science.

Makana Santiago, Scholarship Coordinator, Women's Success Center

Makana Santiago has been around UVU since 2018. She first came to UVU as a student and participated in many student leadership programs such as the Ambassador Program, Cultural Envoy leadership program, and the Presidential Internship. Since her involvement with these various programs, Makana has been able to graduate with her Bachelors in Psychology and now works in the Women's Success Center as the Scholarship Coordinator and a Success Coach. Makana attributes much of her success to the advisors and mentors here at UVU and wishes to give back and do the same for other students. Her goal is to be the support system that students need, in hopes it will lead them to their own success.

Marianna Henry, Academic Standards Counselor

Marianna Henry is an ICF Associate Certified Coach in the UVU Academic Standards office where she has provided academic, ADHD, career, and strengths coaching since 2019. She is a first-generation American; her family emigrated from Poland. She is originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan. Marianna earned a Master of Professional Studies (MProf) in Social Entrepreneurship, studying sociology and nonprofit leadership & organization. She has worked at UVU since 2009, making her way from study abroad to academic advising to adjunct instruction in 2018. She has served on the UWHEN UVU Chapter Board since 2019, most recently as chapter president, and will serve on the ICF High Country Chapter board as president-elect in the coming year. In her personal time, Marianna runs two small businesses (including ADHD Coaching), enjoys singing and reading, adores Halloween and Disneyland, and loves trip-planning just as much as the actual traveling part. She and her husband have four great kids, a sassy fluffy cat, and recently lost the best big red dog ever, who they miss very much.

Martha Wilson, Associate Director Learner Experience, UVU Online

A first-generation college graduate, Martha has nearly 20 years of experience working in higher education in the areas of recruitment, admissions, academic advising, first-year programs, first-generation student support, and new student orientation. Martha specializes in new program development and promotes cross-division collaboration to build partnerships that advance student support initiatives. Martha joined UVU Online in September 2022.

McKade Christensen, Academic Counselor, First-Year Advising Center

McKade Christensen is an Academic Counselor in the UVU First-Year Advising Center. He was born and raised in St. George, Utah, and loves warm sunny weather, hiking, and sports, especially pickleball! McKade attended Utah Tech University earning a BS in Communication Studies, and Southern Utah University earning an MA in Professional Communication. His academic research and interests have been focused on political communication, studying American presidential rhetoric, specifically from the 2016 and 2020 presidential campaigns. McKade loves all things communication and enjoys sharing this passion with others.

Megan Bowen, Learner Guide, UVU Online

Prior to working with UVU Online, Megan mentored both domestic and international online university degree students with BYU-Pathway Worldwide and trained a team of student mentors located in West Africa. Her background also includes roles with non-profits focused on at-risk individuals and volunteer work with a Title 1 elementary school. Megan Bowen has earned a bachelor’s degree in sociology from BYU and a master’s degree in management and leadership from Western Governors University.

Melissa Braithwaite, Academic Advisor, College of Science 

Melissa Braithwaite has received three degrees, none of which have anything to do with Math. While Melissa only started as a Math advisor the day before UVU shut down for COVID, she has worked at UVU since 2014 and has been part of campus events since it’s UVSC days. Melissa is no math genius, but she does have a passion for helping individuals develop a growth mindset to overcome difficult subjects and personal obstacles. On a more personal note, Melissa loves the Tremors movie series, can’t say no to fresh baked bread, and is a sucker for plants.

Miguel Rodriguez, Academic Counselor, First-Year Advising Center

Miguel Rodriguez is originally from El Paso Texas. I graduated BYU with a bachelor’s degree in human development and later got my master’s degree at UVU in Higher Education leadership. I currently work at the First Year Advising Center as an academic counselor primarily working with undecided students. Coming from the experience of being a Latino student at a PWI, I love working with first year students especially those of underrepresented backgrounds. I love to dance, run, and watch reality competition shows like Big Brother, The Amazing Race, and Survivor.

Monica Ferreyra, Director of College of Science Advising

Monica Ferreyra has worked at UVU for 12 years and has taught Math for even longer. Starting as a Secondary Math teacher she has shifted throughout the years to become an Adjunct Faculty in Engineering and the Advising Director for the College of Science. Coming from Mathematic parents she’s always had a love for numbers and for teaching, sadly her kids don’t share her same passion. Monica fully believes in showing how helpful Math can be in the real world and why Math is important. In her personal life you can find her taking a run, enjoying a game of Bridge, or geeking out about all things Harry Potter.

Peer Advisors, First-Year Advising Center

The Peer Advisors in the First Year Advising office are a group that loves having fun just as much as they love helping students succeed. Caden Peterson is going into his Jr year in the Animation and Game Development program! He loves to make things, be it food or art! Desmond Walker is born and raised in Illinois and is a Senior in the BFA Musical Theatre program. He plays many different instruments – try to guess how many!! Joey Lucero is a Senior studying Applied Communications and Digital Media. He is a movie guru! Make sure to ask him about his current recommendations.

Polly Clauson, Director of Woodbury School of Business

Polly Clauson is a native of North Dakota. She started college at UVSC in January of 2000 and began working in the Woodbury School of Business as a work study student. She graduated with a BS in Integrated Studies in 2004. Polly started as an Academic Advisor in the WSB in 2005. In 2016 she became the Director of Academic Advising for the Woodbury School of Business. She loves UVU and the WSB! She has 5 children and 15 grandchildren. Polly loves barns and tractors and to wonder around the Tractor Supply store.

Rachel Messanger, Academic Counselor, First-Year Advising Center

Rachel Messenger is from Vancouver, WA and has been working at UVU for the past 11 years. She has been an adjunct instructor for the ESL and Marketing Departments at UVU, and she is currently an academic counselor in the First-year Advising Center. Rachel is on the UVU Task Force for Supporting Undocumented Students and also the NACADA Region 10 Diversity Chair.

Shalyse Nakayu, Academic Counselor, First-Year Advising Center

Shalyse Nakayu was born and raised in rural central Utah before relocating to the Wasatch Front for her Jr High and High School years. She completed an Associate’s Degree at Snow College before completing both a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Utah. Shalyse has been heavily involved in supporting high school and college students through band and peer mentoring programs. She also completed a Substance Use Disorder Certificate during her Bachelor’s degree and has been a Nationally Certified Pharmacy Technician for over 10 years. Shalyse previously worked in Graduate Student Recruitment and Admission for the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University for 5 years before returning to Utah 2 years ago to be closer to family and friends. Shalyse now uses her training and life experience to help actively exploring students navigate the major and career exploration process through advising students in the First Year Center and Bachelors of University Studies students at Utah Valley University.

Shandi Erickson, Academic Advisor, Smith College Of Engineering & Technology

Shandi Erickson has been an advisor for the Smith College of Engineering and Technology for nearly six years. She advises architecture, computer science, and surveying students. Shandi is a busy mom of four kids, two cats, one dog and a baby tortoise. She is currently working towards an MBA. In her few minutes of free time, she loves being in nature and traveling, or curling up with a good book.

Sherry Page, Director of Accessibility Services

Sherry Page, M.Ed., is the Director of Accessibility Services at UVU, where she has served for the past three years. Her primary responsibility is to provide ADA accommodations to students with disabilities and ensure that they have access to their education. Sherry's passion lies in tearing down barriers and building bridges for students with disabilities. Before joining UVU, she worked as an Accessibility Advocate, an IEP Facilitator, and a Special Education teacher. Her diverse background in disability advocacy and education spanning the last two decades has enabled her to hone her specialization in access and disability.

Sue Stephenson, Career Counselor & National exchange program, Career Development Center

Sue Stephenson currently serves as a career counselor and the coordinator for the National Student Exchange program through the Career Development Center. She has a master’s degree, a teaching certificate, and numerous certifications. Sue has taught in both high school and junior high school settings. She has also taught at UVU, teaching College Success, Career & Major Exploration, and 7 Habits of Highly Effective People classes and Social Dance classes at Brigham Young University. She is a certified professional resume writer and professional interview coach. She and her husband have been business owners and employed all their children at one time or another. Sue finds it extremely rewarding to volunteer her time for many different entities and currently is the HR Manager for Utah Valley Refugees and the Volunteer Coordinator for Heroic Youth. Sue enjoys animals (would love to have been a veterinarian), the great outdoors, bike riding, large extended families, Bar-b-que foods, and baking for the whole neighborhood.

Headshot of Wilson the Wolverine

Questions? Ask Wilson