The Utah Valley University (UVU) Alumni Association is excited to offer networking opportunities, events, benefits, and discounts for UVU Alumni. Many of our opportunities are available to every alum, but you can get exclusive benefits when you register as a member of the UVU Alumni Community. You can learn about most of our opportunities through our monthly Wolverine Minute email and on the website.

A UVU alum is anyone who graduated with a certificate, diploma, or degree from UVU or any of its past incarnations (CUVS, UTTI, UTC, UVCC, UVSC, or UVU).


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Opportunities for All Alumni

Your child could also qualify for the Future UVU Alumni Scholarship, which is for children of UVU alumni.

Please note, transcripts and diplomas are offered through departments within the Registrar's Office.


Opportunities for UVU Alumni Community Members

Membership is free and available to graduates of UVU (alumni) or any of its various incarnations (CUVS, UTTI, UTC, UVCC, UVSC, or UVU). You can update your alumni profile (including contact information), manage your email subscription preferences, and more easily register for any events put on by the Office of Alumni Relations. Also, get seasonal discounts! In the past, we've offered things like:

  • Lagoon discounts
  • Discounted UVU Arts tickets
  • Discounted or free UVU Athletics tickets


Getting Started

  • Login or Register as a UVU Alumni Community member
  • Update your UVU alumni profile (email, address, phone, and manage subscriptions preferences)
  • Explore our site for more special offers, easy event registration/RSVP, and opportunities


Alumni Association Partners


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As a UVU alum, you still have access to many of the benefits you had as a student, plus a few more like discounts to some Athletics and Arts events. Go here for a list of everything you have access to and for your UVU Alumni Card.

Logo: Blue and green swooshes which together make the shape of the letter C - Black text: Utah Community Credit Union

We're partnered with UCCU to help you have a great banking experience through our local credit union. UCCU's benefits are available to every UVU alum. Get the details at

Previ logo

Previ offers discounted phone plans to UVU alumni and their families. Prices start at $20/line for T-Mobile and $25/line for AT&T. Learn more, compare plans, and get a quote to see how much you could save.

Logo: Lagoon

Get discounted tickets to Lagoon with your exclusive UVU Alumni discount code. Learn more at